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Campus updates: March 2, 2018 incident

Any further updates related to the incident that happened on CMU's campus on March 2, 2018 will be posted on the CMU Police Department's website.

UPDATE: Monday, March 5
3 p.m.

  • Campus business operations returned to normal this morning. Students are on spring break this week.
  • The CMU Police Department continues its investigation and at this point has nothing further to report. 
President George E. Ross:
"I want to thank everyone who helped keep our campus and community safe Friday. We all came together. It's one thing to practice, to anticipate. And it's another to act when it happens. I've heard from people across the state and country, applauding the way CMU handled this. We took the right actions. We stood up and stood together. 

"To everyone who was on campus that day — to students, faculty, staff and law enforcement personnel from Mount Pleasant and from across the state — I want to say, 'No matter your role during this tragic event, you helped ensure safety and helped support each other. I cannot thank you enough.'"

UPDATE: Sunday, March 4
4:15 p.m.

The suspect, James Eric Davis, Jr., remains in the hospital in police custody. He has not yet been arraigned, however, his bond has been set at $3 million. 

UPDATE: Sunday, March 4
3 p.m.

In response to social media comments from countless individuals, including alumni, friends and even those we’ve yet to meet, those who want to help may make a contribution to the CMU Counseling Center. Gifts will provide resources for our students in the coming days, weeks and months. Donations can be made through CMU's Advancement Office here.

UPDATE: Saturday, March 3
5:45 p.m.

CMU police release details related to the suspect in custody; related incident

At a news conference this morning, Central Michigan University Police Chief Bill Yeagley released initial details related to the shooting incident that occurred on campus the morning of Friday, March 2.

The chief notes that while this is an active, ongoing criminal investigation, the CMU Police Department can release the following details:

  • Thurs., March 1, evening
    • The CMU Police Department first interacts with the suspect, James Eric Davis, Jr., when he approaches the community policing officer located in his residence hall complex, claiming that someone is trying to kill Davis, Jr.
    • After a thorough investigation, CMUPD determine there is no immediate threat to Davis, Jr., or anyone else on campus.
    • Davis, Jr., states his cousin is picking him up the next morning for spring break and that he is going back to his room to sleep.

  • Fri., March 2
    • Davis, Jr., is seen sitting in the lobby of his residence hall complex at 1:30 a.m. with luggage. Staff and the officers approach him. He appears disoriented. During conversation with officers, Davis, Jr., makes statements that he was under the influence of drugs.
    • After a conversation between Davis, Jr., his mother and the police, CMUPD transports him to a local emergency room for monitoring and treatment.
    • Davis, Jr., is released from the emergency room later in the morning to his parents, James Eric Davis, Sr., and Diva Jeneen Davis.
    • The three travel to the Towers residence hall community and enter Davis, Jr.'s residence hall room.
    • Police investigation determines through review of surveillance and witness interviews that Davis Jr., leaves the residence hall, goes to the family vehicle and returns — using his CMU ID — to the residence hall with a handgun.
    • Police respond to calls of shots fired. After an investigation, they determine two individuals have been fatally shot at Campbell Hall.
    • The victims are identified as James Eric Davis, Sr., and Diva Jeneen Davis.
    • A gun recovered at the scene; registered to James Eric Davis, Sr., a police officer from Illinois.
    • Davis, Jr., flees the scene on foot and is seen running north along the railroad tracks on the west side of campus.
    • More than 100 officers from multiple police agencies search for the suspect throughout the day and into the night.

  • Sat., March 3
    • 12:10 a.m.: CMU police respond to a tip from a passing train after an employee notices a suspicious subject standing near the railroad tracks near the northwest corner of campus.
    • CMU police officers are on scene within two minutes and the suspect, identified as Davis, Jr., is taken into custody without incident.
    • The suspect remains in police custody, in the hospital. He is charged with the following criminal counts:
      • Count 1:  Homicide-open murder
      • Count 2:  Homicide-open murder
      • Count 3:  Weapons-felony firearm (possession of a weapon to commit murder) 

Additional information will be released as it's available.

UPDATE: Saturday, March 3
5:05 p.m.

CMU President George E. Ross sends a message to the campus community and beyond. Read the message here.

UPDATE: Saturday, March 3
4 p.m.

CMU reminds the campus community that counseling services are available for students, faculty and staff.

UPDATE: Saturday, March 3
12:50 a.m.

Shooting suspect in custody

The suspect in the shooting incident that happened on CMU’s campus is now in custody.

The suspect was seen and reported by an individual on a train passing through the north end of campus shortly after midnight. Law enforcement personnel responded and arrested the suspect without incident.

CMU President George E. Ross thanks the campus and surrounding community and many law enforcement personnel who came together to keep each other safe and apprehend the suspect.

UPDATE: Friday, March 2
8 p.m.

Search for the suspect ongoing

The search for the suspect in this morning's campus shooting is ongoing. Officers from multiple police agencies will continue their efforts on campus and in the community through the night.

Police remind anyone who sees anything suspicious to call 911.

We will continue to post updates as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: Friday, March 2
6 p.m. 

Campus events and activities are cancelled until further notice

The Central Michigan University Police Department has identified the victims in this morning's campus shooting as James Eric Davis, Sr., and Diva Jeneen Davis. The victims are the father and mother of the suspect, who remains at large.

Multiple police agencies - more than 100 officers - continue to search for the suspect.

All planned campus events and activities are cancelled until further notice. Classes at the Mount Pleasant campus scheduled for Saturday, March 3, are cancelled.

The Western Michigan at Central Michigan men's basketball game scheduled for this evening has been postponed, CMU Associate Vice President and Director of Athletics Michael Alford said.

The game will be rescheduled and details will be announced once they are confirmed.

UPDATE: Friday, March 2
2:56 p.m.

The suspect in this morning's campus shooting is still at large. CMU police continue to work closely with local and state police agencies.

Uniformed officers are beginning to assist individuals in leaving campus buildings. Officers will be going building to building. Please wait for officers before leaving buildings.

Students in residence halls may stay in the halls or can leave with assistance from uniformed officers. Residential students will be allowed into halls with their CMU ID. Campbell Hall is open with the exception of the fourth floor.

UPDATE: Friday, March 2
10:43 a.m.

Central Michigan University police confirm two individuals were fatally shot at Campbell Hall on campus this morning. The deceased are not students and police believe the situation started from a domestic situation.

There are no additional injuries.

Campus is on lockdown as the suspect is still at large.

The person of interest is James Eric Davis, Jr. He is a black male, approximately 19 years of age, 5'10" and 135 lbs.

Those planning to come to campus today to pick up students for spring break should stay off campus until further notice. Please go to the Comfort Inn, 2424 S. Mission St. University staff will be on site to support the families.

CMU police are working closely with local and state police.

Continue to monitor this page and CMU's social media channels for updates.