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Fire Up! Forward

Don't let financial barriers hold you back from a college education.  With Fire Up! Forward  you can enroll in college-level courses that transfer with you anywhere you go, and the best part?  Tuition is at minimal cost to families.  

Get a head start on your Bachelor’s degree

Graduate with up to 30 credits through Fire Up! Forward, traditional dual enrollment, or both! 

Dedicated CMU support services to ensure your success

You will have access to the support systems that are offered to all CMU students.  The Writing Center, Mathematics Assistance Center, Counseling Center, and Student Disability Services, just to name a few.

How to get started

    Your high school counselor can help you identify courses that align with your academic and career goals. Your high school counselor will also ensure that the courses you select meet the eligibility requirements for Fire Up! Forward and dual enrollment at CMU.

    Choose courses that align with your academic strengths and interests. Dual enrollment courses can help you explore potential career paths and college majors and can also help you develop skills in areas that interest you.

    Some courses may have prerequisite courses or other requirements that you need to meet before enrolling. Make sure to check the course requirements before selecting courses.

    Fire Up! Forward and dual enrollment courses may require a significant time commitment, so it is important to consider your schedule and ensure that you can balance your coursework with other obligations.

    Still not sure? The Online Student Support Team is available to explore options with you. Please call 1-800-950-1144 to speak with someone today!