Transferring College Credits

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and we’re all about rewarding hard work. No matter where you’ve taken classes, or if you’re getting credit for prior learning in the military, we’re committed to helping you get the credit you deserve.

Transfer credit tools

See how your credits will transfer to CMU with our transfer tools. You can also explore how close you are to earning your degree!

Transfer simulation tool

Select your current college(s) and add the courses you’ve completed. You’ll see a list of the CMU courses you’ve already earned credit for, and how they will contribute to your degree..

  • Select your country, state/region and current institution.
  • Select your subject and choose courses to add to your simulation.
  • View CMU credit equivalencies.
  • Select your degree, majors and minors.
  • Complete form to receive your finished transfer simulation.

Use transfer simulation tool

Course equivalencies tool

Select a school and subject to view what courses have been pre-approved for transfer credit at CMU.

  • Select your current or past institution.
  • Select the academic subject of your course.
  • View the list of courses and their CMU equivalents.

Don’t see your course listed? That just means the course hasn’t been pre-approved — it might still be transferrable. Once you’ve been admitted, we’ll do a full course evaluation. If you would like a course evaluated prior to your admission, email the course’s full syllabus to the Senior Assistant Director of Admissions.

View pre-approved courses

General education and community college

Michigan Transfer Agreement

The Michigan Transfer Agreement allows you to complete general education courses at participating colleges and universities throughout Michigan.

Transfer credit guides

We’ve partnered with dozens of community colleges to create institution-specific transfer guides. These guides show a list of courses you can take to fulfill general education requirements and/or courses for your major of choice.


Credit for prior learning

Military education and training credit

Save time and money by applying your military education and training, transfer credit and life experiences to your bachelor's degree. Once you apply, we’ll look at your Joint Services Transcript and let you know how many credits you can apply to your program.

Learn more about military credit

Earn credits for life experience

Earn college-level credit (undergraduate and graduate) for the knowledge you’ve already acquired from work, training and life experiences with prior learning credit. We’ll look at your on-the-job experiences, workshops, seminars, professional-development classes and volunteer activities to see if you’ve already earned college-level learning.

Prior learning credit information

Testing for credit

You can also earn credit with examinations like: Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and the College Level Examination Program.