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Cost estimates

Tuition and fees

Tuition covers the cost of your classes. We also have one student service fee that is charged each semester. To estimate your tuition, we use 15 credits per semester, the average you would need to take to reach the minimum 120 credits required for a 4-year degree.

All U.S. residents pay in-state tuition no matter what state you call home.

Tuition is based on  lower-level and upper-level credit hours.

All students are automatically considered for our merit-based scholarships just by applying to CMU.

Eligible Michigan students attend CMU tuition-free through the CMU Tuition Advantage program.

Estimated tuition and fees cost $14,760

Housing and food

We've calculated housing and food costs using our standard room and meal plan. Keep in mind these expenses will differ if you choose a premium room or if you're eligible to live off-campus.

Think you want more space? Or more flexibility in your meal plan? This number can be tailored to you, your needs and your financial situation. Our housing and food rates page lists all options to find your best fit. 

Estimated housing and food cost $12,178
Total estimated first-year costs $26,938*

* The total estimated cost for incoming CMU undergraduate students in the 2024-2025 academic year is based on 15 lower-level credits per semester, selecting the standard residence hall option and the "All Access 450" meal plan. Rates may change. To see the full estimated cost of attendance used for financial aid budgets, check out our Cost of Attendance page.

Terms and definitions

    Students with less than 56 credit hours pay the lower level tuition rate which is $477 per credit hour.

    Students with 56 credit hours or more pay the upper level tuition rate which is $525 per credit hour.