Guidance for Early Middle College

Early Middle College is a Michigan-based program that allows you to earn your high school diploma along with up to 60 college credits through an additional fifth year of high school. It's a great way to get a head-start on your bachelor's degree!

I'm already an Early Middle College student. How do I apply to CMU?

Apply to CMU at the beginning of your fifth year of high school. Our application opens August 1 each year. 

Even though you've already earned some college credits, you’ll follow the same application process as a traditional undergraduate freshman. 

That means you’ll still qualify for all of our freshmen scholarships, including our Maroon and Gold Merit Awards, competitive scholarships and departmental scholarships, where you could earn up to 100% of your tuition, food and housing.

For step-by-step instructions, check out our How To Apply page. 

apply to CMU

Application tip! 

Keep in mind that if you take additional credits after you complete your Early Middle College program, you may need to apply as a transfer student. This could impact your scholarship eligibility. 

Transferring your college credits

Once you submit your application, as well as your high school and college transcripts, we'll review your courses for a transfer credit evaluation. This means we'll take a look at all the courses you've completed and determine how many CMU credits you've already earned.

Our transfer equivalency tool can help you see how your credits may transfer. 

Scholarship eligibility

As an Early Middle College student, you are still eligible for our freshmen scholarships, including Maroon and Gold Merit Awards, competitive scholarships and departmental scholarships.

Remember if you take additional credits after you complete your Early Middle College program you will be considered a transfer student. You would then be eligible for transfer scholarship awards instead, which can impact your award amount. 

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