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Discover CMU

July 15, 2022, 10 a.m.

Discover CMU gives you the opportunity as a high school freshman, sophomore, junior or senior to explore Central Michigan University. Spend a full day learning more about what interests you by experiencing multiple information sessions on a variety of topics. Just starting your college search process? No problem, we are offering the tools needed to know how to start that search, how or when to start applying and more. Are you ready to take the next steps in your college search process? Perfect! Join us and you will learn more about life on campus, what programs are available and hear from current students.  

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What should you expect while attending Discover CMU?

While attending Discover CMU you will have the opportunity to attend one informational session from both our "Explore" and "Deep Dive" groups in addition to lunch and college conversations. Below are what information sessions are included in each grouping. 

Session 1: "Explore"

From Freshman to Senior: A Guide to Help High School Students at All Levels Prepare for College - To help guide you through the college search process, we've put together a list of things to keep in mind during each year of high school. 

Why You Should Visit Your Career Center Early - This session will provide information about CMU's Career Development Center. Learn about career coaching and how it will fit into your career (or college major) exploration. Also learn about other resources the center provides, including: how to write a résumé, how to ace a job interview and strategies to land a future internship.  

What is an Academic College? - This session provides an overview of our academic programs and outlines how you can turn your interests into a lifetime career. There is a world of opportunity waiting. 

Uniquely CMU - Hear current students talk about what they love most about the CMU experience. From new people to new experiences, Central Michigan University isn't just a place to learn. 

Campus and Community Bus Tour - Join us for a guided bus tour of the CMU campus and our Mount Pleasant community.

    Session 2: "Deep Dive"

    Lead by Doing -  Through volunteering, service-learning, working, and Study Abroad experiences, we'll share how to explore your purpose and discover your strengths through leadership programs, including what our Leadership Institute can provide you. 

    Show Me the Money! - Join us as we unpack topics such as tips for figuring out financial aid, learning about helpful scholarship resources and gaining a better understanding of the financial process.

    Living on Campus - How Residence Life Can Help You Achieve Your Goals - Join our Residence Life team for a brief peek into the world of living on campus. 

    Give Credit Where Credit Is Due: How AP, IB and Dual Enrollment Can Save You Time and Money - Learn how
    dual enrollment, Advanced Placement and early/middle college programs can give you an added advantage in the college admissions process. 

    College Conversations

    Meet the different academic colleges and get an inside look at what they have to offer. Hear from professors and take a look at the different lecture rooms, interactive labs and more!

    Lunch and Residence Hall Showcase

    Experience a complimentary lunch in one of our residential restaurants and tour our residence showrooms. 

    Guided Campus Tour

    You may wish to join our team for a 90-minute guided walking tour of campus. Tours depart every 15 minutes between 3-4 p.m.