2019-2020 Tuition and Fees

The Central Michigan University Board of Trustees has established the following tuition rates for 2019-2020, which includes a new lower/upper tuition model for new, first-time students.

Central's cumulative tuition rate increase is expected to remain the lowest in the state for the past 10 years. CMU's current tuition is lower than eight of Michigan's 15 public universities when compared to upper and lower division averages.

The university's graduate programs remain among the most economical in the state.

Frequently asked questions about the new tuition model.

​Undergraduate Tuition

New, incoming students – lower level (less than 56 credit hours)

 Per Credit HourPer Semester*Per Year*
Resident (U.S.) tuition$417$6,255$12,510
Non-resident tuition**$789

New, incoming students – upper level (56 credit hours or more)

 Per Credit HourPer Semester*Per Year*
Resident (U.S.) tuition$434$6,510$13,020
Non-resident tuition**$815

Continuing students

 Per Credit HourPer Semester*Per Year*
Resident (U.S.) tuition$430$6,450$12,900
Non-resident tuition**$789

*Based on a 15-credit-hour per semester load
**Applies to students who are not eligible for resident tuition rates.

Graduate Tuition

Resident (U.S.) tuition
$637 per credit hour$726 per credit hour
Non-resident tuition**$850 per credit hour$940 per credit hour
These rates do not apply to specialty programs with unique tuition rates.
Specialty rates for distance learning programs
Specialty rates for main campus programs

**Applies to students who are not eligible for resident tuition rates.

Student Services Fee

$225 per semester

Room and Board

 Per Semester*Per Year*
Room and board$5,164$10,328​

*Rate reflects a standard residence hall room with unlimited flex meal plan. Books and supplies are extra.

Note: The president may vary these tuition rates according to cohorts, markets, programs, locations, or terms of contracts.