Transferring as a Graduate

Thinking about continuing your graduate studies at Central Michigan University? Whether you’re looking to complete a master’s degree, doctoral degree, graduate certificate or other advanced program, we’re here to help make your transition smooth.

Transfer credit policy

Review our graduate transfer credit policy to understand the qualifications for integrating non-CMU coursework into your CMU graduate degree program. It outlines the guidelines and criteria for transferable credits, including percentages allowed for each degree type, considerations for military coursework and the approval process.

Transferring your graduate credits

The transfer process has multiple steps, and it’s essential to know that each program has its unique criteria. Reach out to your advisor and the department responsible for the program where you wish to transfer your credits.

The approval process typically rests with the individual department, and they may have stringent requirements for transfer credits.


Graduate transfer process

To transfer your prior credits as a graduate student at CMU:

  1. Complete our online graduate application. Check your program's application deadlines. You’ll need to submit your non-refundable application fee along with the application.
  2. Complete the student section of the Graduate Transfer Request Form.
  3. Send in your official transcripts.
  4. Send your Graduate Transfer Request Form to your advisor.
  5. Your advisor will fill out their section and forward the transfer form to your academic department.
  6. Once the department has reviewed your form, you will receive a conformation email from the Registrar's office with an update on your request and next steps.

      Graduate Transfer Request Form

      Sending official transcripts

      Email your official transcripts to, or mail them to:

      Central Michigan University
      Transcript Department
      802 Industrial Drive
      Mount Pleasant, MI 48858