The Graduate Experience

Whether you're looking to advance in your current career, upgrade your skills, change fields or achieve your personal goals, you'll graduate prepared for executive-level positions. And we're here to help with: 

  • Personalized graduate program plans. 
  • Close mentoring relationships with faculty mentors, graduate advisers and student support services.
  • Small class sizes. 
  • A world-class library with materials delivered to online students.
  • New graduate student housing with a fitness center and large meeting room.
  • Opportunities to earn graduate certificates and develop knowledge in unique areas such as leadership, international health, educational technology, autism, data mining and more.
  • An alumni network nearly 240,000+ strong.

Many accelerated graduate degree programs are available for current undergraduate students at CMU, allowing you to earn up to 50% of your master’s degree while completing your bachelor’s.

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Flexibility for professionals

Father taking online class on his computer while young son sits nearby doing his homework on his computer.

We recognize that many of our graduate students are working professionals with busy lives. Our programs are designed to provide flexibility in schedules, accommodating the demands of your professional and personal life. 

Whether you prefer the convenience of online learning or the engagement of being on-campus, we offer both options.

Fired-Up and focused student stories

Our students, faculty and alumni are all about rolling up our sleeves and getting things done. Hear from students who have successfully made this transition and discovered the unique opportunities awaiting them.

A student wearing a blue lab coat working in the laboratory.
Priscilla Dzigba, a Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology doctoral student, works on antibody-recruiting molecules to fight tuberculosis bacteria.

Read Priscilla's story

A man with a laptop sitting in front of a window.
Nathaniel Gonzalez, a graduate student, delves into the impact of technology on American culture by mapping out its timeline.

Read Nathaniel's story

Emmanuel Crespo sits at a computer, performing an experiment.
Emmanuel Crespo, a National Institutes of Health-recognized graduate student, aims to uncover the secrets of autism through his research.

Read Emmanuel's story

Claire Thumbnail holding the the book in which her story
Claire Tembreull, a graduate student studying speech-language pathology, shares her powerful perspective on belonging through her published work.

Read Claire's story

Exploring Mount Pleasant: Your campus community

Parents and young children dance to music at an outdoor festival.

Mount Pleasant is the perfect blend of academics and family-friendly living, making it a great place for both graduate students and families. Whether it's exploring parks, enjoying cultural events or dining out, there's something here for all interests.

Explore Mount Pleasant and why it is the ideal place for both your graduate studies and family adventures.

Graduate student events

A maroon sprout next to a gold data connector with the words

Student Creative and Research Endeavors Exhibition, SCREE, is an annual exhibition at Central Michigan University held since 1994, that celebrates student achievements in research, scholarship and creativity. Over 140 student projects, showcased through posters, audio and videos, highlight the university's commitment to hands-on learning. These projects often reach regional, national or international conferences and may lead to publications or public exhibitions.

Develop valuable connections for future career prospects, research and creative opportunities. Be sure to check out  The Career Development Center and all of the helpful tools they offer to assist you in networking, crafting résumés and preparing for interviews. These resources can be instrumental in paving the way for your professional growth and success.