Fire Up! Forward

Fire Up! Forward is an affordable opportunity for Michigan-based students to dual enroll. The program is a growing list of approved CMU courses that align with state funding resources, which means there are minimal tuition expenses. 

Fire Up! Forward: Low cost dual enrollment for MI students

What's the difference between traditional dual enrollment and Fire Up! Forward? Both programs allow high school students to dual enroll in college courses online, on campus and sometimes right in their school district. 

  • Traditional dual enrollment is available to high school students throughout the United Student. Tuition cost are most often covered by the family. In some circumstances a portion of costs may be covered by the school district.
  • Fire Up!Forward is available to Michigan-based high school students only. The program has a growing list of courses that align with state funding and institutional resources, which means that are minimal tuition expenses for you and your family.

To get started with Fire Up! Forward, talk to your counselor to help identify which courses may align with your academic and career goals. Your high school counselor will also ensure that the courses you select meet the eligibility requirements for Fire Up! Forward and dual enrollment at CMU.

Once you’ve selected your courses, apply for dual enrollment!


Fire Up! Forward tuition and fees

Fire Up! Forward tuition costs may be covered by the school district. Talk to your school counselor or principal to see how much of your costs are covered. 

CMU will bill the school district following the per-pupil funding allowance spreadsheet provided by the Michigan Department of Education once the course has started.

If your school district does not cover additional tuition costs, it is your responsibility to cover the remaining costs. CMU Billing questions can be sent to

    Depending on your school district and available state funding, you may be responsible for a portion or all your tuition costs. If that is the case, your student CMU account will be charged shortly before classes begin.

    Students can pay their bill through QuickPay, CMU’s online billing software. The student will need to keep track of payment due dates and pay charges on time, or they will be assessed a late fee. If students have questions about their bill, reach out to OneCentral at 989-774-3618 or

    If your parent or caregiver works at CMU, you are eligible to use their staff tuition benefit to pay for all dual enrollment courses, including Fire Up! Forward courses. The caregiver will need to contact CMU Human Resources at 989-774-3661 or to get their tuition benefit set up for the semester.

    There are deadlines to set up the tuition benefit, so we recommend having your parent or caregiving reach out to HR as soon as you enroll in courses.

    FAQs about dual enrollment and Fire Up! Forward

      At CMU, we offer traditional dual enrollment that allows high school students to take any class online, on campus, and, in some cases, right in the school district. Tuition costs do not typically align with funding available for the course and families often make up that difference.

      Fire Up! Forward is a growing list of courses that align with state funding resources. This means there are minimal tuition expenses and savings are passed along to families.

      Fire Up!Forward is only available for students with at least one parent or legal guardian who is a resident of Michigan (unless the student is experiencing homelessness).

      To be eligible for a CMU Fire Up!Forward dual enrollment course, you must:

      • Be enrolled in at least one high school class in a school district, public school academy or state-approved nonpublic school in Michigan.
      • Have at least one parent or legal guardian who is a resident of Michigan.
      • Hold junior or senior standing and have a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher. Conditional admission may be granted through appeal.

      The number of courses you can take as a dual enrollment student may vary by institution and program. Be sure to check with your school's counselor to see how many courses you can take.

      Some students may choose to take only one or two courses, while others may take a full course load. Make sure to consider your workload and ensure that you can balance your dual enrollment coursework with your high school coursework and other obligations.

      Yes, dual enrollment courses can transfer to other colleges and universities.

      However, it is important to check with the institution you plan to attend to ensure that the courses you take will transfer and count towards your degree requirements. Transferability may depend on factors such as the institution's policies and the specific courses you take.

      Next steps

      Think Fire Up! Forward is a good option for you? Here are the next steps to get started.

      1. Select your courses. View the courses that are available for you or in your district.
      2. Meet with your high school counselor. Talk through your academic and career goals, choose courses and apply. They can assist with the paperwork.

      Have additional questions? Reach out to our Online Student Services team at 1-800-950-1144.