Transfer Credit Guides

CMU's transfer credit guides can save you time and money.

Get a head start on your major. Use the transfer credit guides to choose courses at your current college, or see which courses you've already taken that will give you credit at CMU.

Transfer Credit Guides

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You will see two types of transfer credit guides for your college:

Those based on Articulation Agreements
An Articulation Agreement is a signed agreement between CMU and your institution which allows you to transfer a pre-defined set of credits to CMU seamlessly. The guide is generally developed based on the completion of an associate degree or certificate program prior to transferring.

Those based on recommended courses
These guides are developed based on recommended courses, depending on your major and the course offerings at both institutions. Guides are for informational purposes only and may be updated based on availability of courses.

These guides are meant to assist you with the selection of community college courses that are transferable to CMU. You should still work closely with a counselor or an academic advisor at your current institution to select courses and develop a plan for transferring to CMU.