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Fire Up! Forward Information for Counselors

Are you searching for an exceptional educational opportunity to offer your students?  Look no further!  We provide courses that allow students to explore their interests and find their passion.  The best part is that tuition is at minimal cost to families! 

Application process 

  • First, students must receive approval from their high school counselor.
  • Submit a copy of the student's high school transcripts via Parchment or by email
  • Students must apply for Fire Up! Forward through the High School Dual Enrollment application portal. 

High School Dual Enrollment Application

Important dates and deadlines 

 Be sure to check the academic calendar for the most up-to-date information.

Academic Calendar

You'll notice that the academic calendars for online and main campus may vary. Additionally, both delivery options offer courses in 8, 12, and 16-week formats.

Registration process 

Once the student has applied and been accepted to CMU, a CMU representative will assist them with their registration. Students who are admitted to a semester can submit the registration form for each subsequent semester or course they wish to enroll in.

Fire Up! Forward Tuition and Fees

Tuition rates vary by academic year according to the per-pupil funding allowance approved by the state of Michigan.   

If your high school is paying: 

CMU will bill the school district in accordance with the per-pupil funding allowance spreadsheet provided by the Michigan Department of Education once the course has started. Fire Up! Forward tuition costs should be covered by the school district.  It is the responsibility of the student to pay for any tuition not paid for by the school district. CMU Billing questions can be sent to

If the student is paying: 

If the student is paying all or a portion of tuition, the student's CMU account will be charged shortly before the class starts. Students can pay their bill through QuickPay, CMU’s online billing software. Students can access QuickPay through CentraLink under “Pay/View my Bill.” The student will need to keep track of payment due dates and pay charges on time, or they will be assessed a late fee. If students have questions about their bill, you will want to reach out to OneCentral at 989.774.3618 or

If the student is using a caregiver’s CMU staff tuition benefit: 

If the student's caregiver works at CMU, they are eligible to use their staff tuition benefit to pay for all dual enrollment courses, including Fire Up! Forward courses. The caregiver will need to contact CMU Human Resources at 989-774-3661 or to get their tuition benefit set up for the semester. There are deadlines to set up the tuition benefit, so we recommend reaching out to HR as soon as your student is enrolled in their course.   

Textbook and material costs:

The cost of textbooks and other course materials can vary significantly depending on factors such as the subject, the specific course, and whether the materials are new or used, digital or hard copy. Students should typically budget anywhere from $100 to $300 for textbooks and course materials for a three-credit class. Textbook and material costs are not included in tuition costs and are in addition to any tuition not covered by the school district.  

It's worth noting that Central Michigan University understands that textbook prices have been a concern for many students, and efforts are being made to provide more affordable options, such as digital textbooks, rentals, and open educational resources (OER).  

To get a more accurate estimate of the cost, it is advisable to check with the CMU bookstore or online resources, consult the course syllabus for specific textbook requirements, and consider options like purchasing used books, renting, or exploring online resources and library materials. Additionally, students can connect with classmates who have taken the course previously to inquire about potential cost-saving options. 

Dual Enrollment and Fire Up! Forward