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Early Middle College Students

Applying as an Early Middle College student

Apply now

If you've earned credit through your high school's Early Middle College program, you will apply as an incoming freshman, regardless of how many credits you've earned. That means you also qualify for all of our freshmen scholarships, including our Maroon and Gold Merit Awards, competitive scholarships and departmental scholarships.

You'll want to apply about one year before you graduate from high school. Our application opens August 1. For Early Middle College students, that would be the summer before the start of your fifth year in high school.

Application checklist

Submit a completed application by Dec. 1 of your fifth year in high school to receive priority consideration for our merit awards, which are based on your ACT/SAT score (not required for admission or a merit award) and your GPA.

A completed application includes:

Your completed online application. You can apply at or by finding us on the Common Application.

The $40 application process fee is required when submitting your application. Talk with your school counselor if you think you may be eligible for an application processing fee waiver.

Your transcripts. You may submit an unofficial transcript with your application, or ask your school counselor to submit your official transcript. We can provide an admission decision and merit scholarship with either one. Keep us updated with new transcripts at the end of each semester. It may mean an upgrade in your scholarship. We'll need your official transcripts before you enroll.

Your ACT/SAT score (optional). You don’t have to submit a test score in order to be admitted and earn a merit award. However, you may be able to earn a higher merit award if you do submit one. There’s no real downside to including them, because it will only increase your merit award. We’ll never lower it. You can submit your test score with your application or any time before July 1.

If you do choose to submit a test score, you can mark CMU as a recipient on your exam or have your official score report to us at by requesting it through the ACT/SAT websites. (SAT code: 1106; ACT code: 1972)

Transferring your college credits

You are not required to have a credit transfer evaluation, but you might be curious how the credits you earned through Early Middle College count toward your CMU degree. Well, we have the tool for you. Our Transfer Simulation tool will allow you to see exactly how your courses taken may apply to a specific degree here at CMU.

Scholarship eligibility

As an Early Middle College student, you are eligible for our freshmen scholarships, including Maroon and Gold Merit Awards, competitive scholarships and departmental scholarships.


All first-year students are required to live on-campus in one of our residence halls their first two years. For more information or to see if you qualify for an exemption, visit the Office of Residence Life.