Give yourself some credits!

Your high school AP scores may translate into CMU course credits and a head start on your college career.

Central Michigan rewards strong scores on College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exams in more than 25 subjects. Find your score below to see which college credits or advanced standing you may have already earned.

Credits are granted upon receipt of official scores (AP Transcript) from the College Board. If you did not request that CMU receive a copy of your scores at the time of your exam, please click here to order your score report from the College Board using CMU’s code (1106).
​​AP Exam ScoreCMU Course EquivalentCredits
Art: History of Art3-5ART 185 3
Art: 2-D Design Portfolio3-5ART 1153
BIO 101
CHM 120 &
CHM 127

​​Computer Science A3-5CPS 180 3
Computer Science AB3-5CPS 181 3
English Language & Composition4-5ENG 101* 3
English Composition and Literature4-5ENG 101*3
 *Effective Fall 2015, these cours​es will come in as ENG 134 (Introduction to Literature), which fulfills the Group IB requirement in our University Program. ​​ ​ ​
Environmental Science3-5ENV 101 3
Government & Politics: U.S.3-5PSC 1053
Government & Politics: Comparative3-5PSC 242 3
History: European3HST 101 or HST 102 3
History: European4-5HST 101 and HST 1026
History: U.S.3HST 111 or HST 112 3
History: U.S.4-5HST 111 and HST 112 6
History: World3HST 201 or 2023
History: World4-5HST 201 and HST 2026
Human Geography3-5GEO 121 3
  Languages:  French, German, Spanish 
3Respective 201 courses4
Languages:  French, German, Spanish 
4Respective 201 and 202 courses8
​​Languages:  French, German, Spanish 

Determined by the respective department based on a review of the exam and an interview with  the student. Between 10-12 hours of credit at the 200 level are recommended. 
Latin: Literature


Determined through consultation with department chairperson 
Latin: Vergil


Determined through consultation with department chairperson 
ECO 2043
ECO 2033
Mathematics: Calculus AB3-5MTH 1324
Mathematics: Calculus BC3-5MTH 132 and MTH 1338
Mathematics: Calculus BC
(Subscore AB)
3-5MTH 1324
Physics B3-5PHY 130QR and PHY 1318
Physics C (Mechanics)3-5PHY 145QR4
Physics C (Electricity & Magnetism)3-5PHY 1464
Psychology3-5PSY 1003
Statistics3STA 282QR3
Statistics4-5STA 382QR3
Please note: The courses on this list are approved by individual academic departments (current as of Fall 2015) and are subject to change.