Central Michigan University offers several types of admission for international students. If you are interested in attending CMU, please review the four application types below to determine which one best meets your needs.

Apply as an international freshman

Apply as an international freshman if you have not previously attended a college or university, and you can demonstrate your proficiency in English.

Apply as an international transfer

​​Apply as an international transfer student if you have previously attended another college or university, and you can demonstrate your proficiency in English.

Apply to the Undergraduate Bridge Program

Apply for the Undergraduate Bridge Program if you need to improve your proficiency in English prior to beginning classes toward a bachelor's degree at CMU. This program is also known as conditional admission for international students. It includes admission into the English Language Institute. 

Apply to the English Language Institute

Apply for admission to the English Language Institute if you would like to work toward proficiency in English without taking academic courses at CMU. This application does not provide admission as a degree-seeking freshman or transfer. Students applying to the Bridge Program do not need to submit a separate application for the English Language Institute.