Research & Creative Endeavors

It's not a to-do list. It's a We-Do list.

We preserve the Great Lakes. We save endangered species. We slow down Alzheimer's disease. Our faculty and students are working on critical research and creative endeavors daily.

Area of Research

There are 300 top-tier research institutions in the United States, and Central Michigan is one of them. That's important to us. But it's even more important to Michigan, and the Midwest, and the world. Because it means we have the knowledge, capacity and ambition to get big things done. 

Areas of Research

Areas of Creative Endeavors

Great universities do more than expand the limits of human knowledge. They also expand the bounds of human creativity. Whether in fashion or fine art, dance or the written word, as a CMU student you'll learn to make a lasting cultural impact. 

Areas of Creative Endeavors