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International Admissions

Your home away from home

CMU in the USA

Central Michigan University (CMU) in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, is a public research university offering over 200 programs in business, engineering, health sciences, education and more. The campus is lively, with over 300 student clubs and activities, so there's always something to do. The Office of International Students and Scholar Services provides support for visas, orientation and cultural activities, helping you feel right at home.

Whether you're an undergrad, grad student or pursuing a Ph.D., you'll find hands-on research opportunities and our Career Development Center ready to help you plan your future. Located in a friendly small town with parks and lakes nearby—and larger cities like Lansing just a drive away—CMU is a place where you'll get a great education and make lifelong friends in a diverse, global community.

A panoramic image of Kelly Shorts Stadium during a football game.


International students have several ways to make their education more affordable. The Out-of-State Tuition Merit Award lets qualifying international graduate students pay domestic rates, and if your parent or grandparent is a CMU alum, you can receive the Legacy Tuition Award for resident rates. Many academic departments offer scholarships, and Scholarship Universe system matches you with CMU scholarships that fit your profile.

Connecting cultures

The community for international students here is diverse, inclusive and welcoming. Our campus thrives on multiculturalism and celebrates different backgrounds. We offer opportunities to connect with peers who share similar interests, while mentorship programs and cultural exchange events foster friendships between domestic and international students. Regular cultural events and festivals provide spaces to share traditions and explore new ones.

International community

Two students dressed in cultural clothing celebrating APAHM

Life as a CMU Chippewa

What do academics at CMU look like?

The academic calendar

We follow the traditional academic calendar of western universities consisting of two main semesters:

  • The Fall Semester is from late August to December.
  • The Spring Semester is from January to May.
  • Summer Session, a shorter time period for current students, useful for taking extra courses.

Each semester lasts around 15-16 weeks, followed by final exams. 


The grading system

Grades are assigned using letters that correspond to numerical values or "grade points."

  • "A" is worth 4.0 points (excellent)
  • "B" is 3.0 (good)
  • "C" is 2.0 (average)
  • "D" is 1.0 (below average)
  • "F" is 0 (failing)

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated by averaging these points, giving a measure of academic performance on a 0 to 4.0 scale, where 4.0 is the highest.

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