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Graduate Students

Discover more than 70 graduate programs where you'll graduate with the knowledge, experience and the confidence to lead.

More than just letters after your name, a CMU graduate degree tells the world "I'm ready to lead." With more than 70 graduate programs at the master's, specialist and doctoral levels, it's where you'll do the research, work alongside faculty mentors, and immerse yourself in your subject.

Why earn your graduate degree at CMU?

Whether you're looking to advance in your current career, upgrade your skills, change fields, or achieve your personal goals, you'll graduate prepared for executive-level positions. And we're here to help with:

  • Personalized graduate program plans.
  • Close mentoring relationships with faculty mentors and graduate advisers.
  • Small class sizes and comfortable classrooms.
  • A world-class library with materials delivered to online students.
  • Career Development Center.
  • New graduate student housing with a fitness center and large meeting room.
  • Opportunities to earn graduate certificates and develop knowledge in unique areas such as leadership, international health, educational technology, autism, data mining and more.
  • An alumni network of nearly 240,000+ strong.

Many accelerated graduate degree programs are available for current undergraduate students at CMU, allowing you to earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years.


Our students, faculty and alumni are known for finding innovative solutions to problems and putting them into practice. Our constant drive to better ourselves and make a difference in the world isn't just talk. It's built into who we are. 

For example, Jacob Lentz, a graduate student in Chemistry, found his passion for chemistry and gave him the opportunity to experience working on a team researching a more stable fuel cell membrane to produce more sustainable energy.

Chemistry student, Jacob Lentz, working in a lab.

Jacob Lentz researches fuel cell membranes to use hydrogen gas effectively, cheaply, and sustainably.