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Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment allows you to save time and money on college by earning college credit before you’ve even graduated from high school. You can take one or two CMU courses each semester, choosing from options that may not be available at your school.

Your dual enrollment courses can count toward the requirements for both your high school diploma and your college degree. Our Admissions Office will work with you to enroll in courses that meet your needs.


Most dual enrollment students are high school juniors or seniors, though we accept other students in exceptional cases. To join the program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Satisfy the admission requirement for new CMU freshmen.
  • Get approval for dual enrollment and your course selection from your high school counselor or principal.

How to apply

The application process is straightforward, and we’re here to help. Here's what you need to know to apply to dual enroll at CMU.

The application, decision, and registration process may take up to four weeks.

Submit the online application for dual enrollment each semester that you dual enroll.

Application deadlines:

Fall semester: August 1

Spring semester: December 13

Summer I semester: April 18

Summer II semester: May 30

Online Application for Dual Enrollment

Use Course Search to see what classes are available. Dual enrolled students can register for undergraduate courses that have open seats available and don't require pre-requisites. You will want to work with your high school counselor to find a course that works for you.

Course Search

Complete the Dual Enrollment Registration Form with the course name and section number of your chosen course(s). Once the form has been signed by your high school counselor/principal, you can upload it and your high school transcript to your application portal or email them to Alex Bohnsack (

Dual Enrollment Registration Form

Tuition and fees

As a dual enrollment student, you’ll pay the standard lower-level tuition rate for undergraduate courses. You’re responsible for the cost of books and supplies, but you won’t have to pay the student service fee.

If one of your parents works here, you may use their employee tuition benefit for dual enrollment courses. Be sure your parent fills out the appropriate forms through your account before the semester begins.

Other ways to earn credit in high school

An Early Middle College program allows you to earn your high school diploma along with up to 60 college credits through a fifth year at high school. Not all high school districts have an Early Middle College program. Ask your high school counselor if yours does.

Early Middle College

Advanced Placement (AP) gives you the opportunity to earn college credit from courses and tests you have completed in high school.

Advanced Placement

There are several options for you to earn credits through testing opportunities prior to coming to CMU.

Testing for college credit