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Canadian Alumni Chapter: Strategic Partner Award

‚ÄčThe Strategic Partner Award is intended to recognize contributions made that directly influence the success of the CMU Alumni, Canadian Chapter. Partners may have contributed in-kind services or non-monetary resources that support the activities of the chapter. Partners may include the following: host institutions, academic institutions, organizations such as research centers, philanthropic foundations or trust funds, departments and or agencies of the government (federal/provincial/municipal), private sector firms and corporations, not-for-profit organizations, professional associations, labor organizations, and/or individuals.  Some examples (not intended to be conclusive) of in-kind services are identified below.

  • Providing Space (for meetings or functions) to be used for CMU
  • Alumni Activities
  • Technical support
  • Consultation services
  • Faculty/staff time 
  • Use of technical equipment
  • Food/refreshments
  • Materials and supplies 
  • Use of host licenses needed for a project
  • Access to library/databases or gaining resource copyright clearance 
  • Preparation of marketing materials or digital media
  • Mentorship and Professional Development 

Nominations for the Canadian Alumni Chapter Awards are closed.