Children's Books Around the World

In an effort to showcase the Clarke Historical Library's holdings, the Clarke invites volunteers to read books from our collection of over 1,500 children’s books in about 50 languages. For 2021, we asked volunteer readers to be recorded reading from books in the collection. We invite you to explore these beautifully illustrated, fanciful stories and celebrate the language diversity at CMU!

You can view the "Evening of Children's Books from Around the World" presentation from February 25, 2021, featuring two twenty-minute videos of selected readings and comments from Dr. Christi Brookes of the Department of World Languages and Cultures  on the Clarke's ChipCast page.

Thanks to the CMU Department of World Languages and Cultures and the CMU Office of Global Engagement for their continued support of this program. Thanks also to CMU student Nova Moore for video production work.

Reader: Alyssa
Language: Spanish
Book: Santiago
Reader: Claudia
Language: Italian
Book: Un Drago Troppo Solo