Bianchi, Thomas H. Description and Analysis of the Prehistoric Ceramic Materials Recovered on the Winter Site. Western Michigan University , 1974. (Fitting Mss Box 3)

Prehistoric ceramics from the Great Lakes region.

Bigony, Beatrice. Archaeological Survey of the Southern Shore of Lake Superior . Typescript. (Fitting Mss Box 3 )

A report on a survey to locate, record, and photography collections of artifact material to determine the nature and extent of former Indian occupation along the southern shore of Lake Superior .

Bigony, Beatrice. Late Woodland Occupations of the Saginaw Valley . Typescript. (Fitting Mss Box 2 )

Bienenfeld, Paula F. The Glide Site: A Red Ocher Burial Site in Shiawassee County. (Fitting Mss Box 9 )

Report on what was uncovered at the site by bulldozers.

Buckmaster, Marla and Jerry Galem. Archaeological Survey of the Menominee Watershed. 1974 Survey Report. (Fitting Mss Box 3 )

A report on the 12 archaeological sites surveyed in 1974.

Carstens, Kenneth C. The Indian Mound Park Site (20 Ib 1): An Early Woodland Burial Station in Central Michigan . (Fitting Mss Box 3 )

First excavations in Isabella County which demonstrates ceramic relationships with both eastern and western areas of Michigan .

Chartkoff, Joseph L. Preliminary Report on 1974 Excavations at the Root Site, 20 IN 2, Ingham County , Michigan . (Fitting Mss Box 3)

Clark, George A. A Legend of the People: A Fictionalized Reconstruction of the Holcombe Beach Community, 9,200 B.C. (Fitting Mss Box 3)

A metaphysical reconstruction of Paleo Man's lifeways, 9,200 B.C. in the upper Great Lakes .

Cleland, Charles E. The Environmental Adaptations of the Prehistoric Cultures of the Grand Traverse Bay area of Michigan . (Fitting Mss Box 3 )

A study to locate and excavate archaeological sites in the area east of Grand Traverse Bay.

Cleland, James E. A Preliminary Report on the Prehistoric Resources of South Manitou Island . (Fitting Mss Box 3 )

A survey to locate evidence of aboriginal occupation of South Manitou Island .

Cremin, William M. Kalamazoo Basin Archaeological Project: 1977 Field Season. (Fitting Mss Box 3 )

A systematic program of site survey and excavation aimed at delineating and explaining prehistoric subsistence ecology and cultural dynamics in this portion of southwestern Michigan .

Cremin, William M. Sand Point (20 BG 14): A Lakes Phase Site on the Keweenaw Peninsula, Baraga County , Michigan . (Fitting Mss Box 3)

Archaeologists tentatively identified 19 mounds and attempted to confirm their function and cultural affiliation. The Samuels were Native Americans who lived in Williamsburg , Michigan. This collection includes a typed reminiscence of one of the Samuels brothers. Notes provide general information about the Samuels site on which numerous Native American artifacts were discovered.

DeVisscher, Jerry. Three Macomb County “Copper and Mica” Burials. (Fitting Mss Box 4)

The author excavated these sites and reports his findings

Fitting, James E. Aboriginal Artifacts from the Schoolcraft House. (Fitting Mss Box 4)

Listing of the artifacts.

Fitting, James E. Aboriginal Artifacts from the John Johnston House. (Fitting Mss Box 4)

List of the artifacts.

Fitting, James E. Climatic Change and Cultural Frontiers in Eastern North America . Presented at the Society for American Archaeology, Norman , Oklahoma , 1971. (Fitting Mss Box 4 )

The pattern of climatic change in the post Pleistocene period in eastern North America is known in some detail and there is a clear correlation between environmental and cultural change. It is possible to develop models of potential relationships between ecological and cultural frontiers in eastern North America and test these against the traditional cultural interpretations.

Fitting, James E. The Gyftakis and McGreggor Sites: Middle Woodland Occupations in St. Ignace , Michigan . (Fitting Mss Box 4 )

The materials from the Gyftakis and McGreggor sites, as well as from the eastern Upper Peninsula were used to test the Lovis-Holman hypothesis of regional cultural development. They indicate that there was a major population concentration in the Straits-Sault Ste. Marie area prior to A.D. 400 and that the population ‘expansion' noted by Lovis and Holman after A.D. 400 may be a population shift.

Fitting, James E. The Michigan Archaeological Society Field School at the Younge Site, 20 SA 209, Saginaw County, Michigan. 1975. (Fitting Mss Box 4 )

The main periods of occupation would be around 1900 B.C. and A.D. 1000 although the earlier Late Archaic date creates some problems for the geochronological interpretation of site sequences in the Saginaw Valley .

Fitting, James E. A Middle Historic Period Burial from St. Ignace , Michigan . (Fitting Mss Box 4 )

In September of 1973, a burial was uncovered during excavating on Church Street in St. Ignace and the material recovered from it, and its place in St. Ignace area archaeology, is the subject of this paper.

Fitting, James E. The Nature and Extent of Havana Influence in the Middle Woodland Occupation of the Saginaw Valley . (Fitting Mss Box 4 )

In the Saginaw Valley there was a local Middle Woodland group which adopted several Havana characteristics.

Fitting, James E. Prehistoric Projectile Points of Michigan . (Fitting Mss Box 4 )

For many people, arrowheads are valued because they are attractive. They can exhibit a high degree of skilled workmanship and the stone used in their preparation can approach gem quality. However, projectile points are more than objects of art. They are artifacts that reflect the life ways of prehistoric peoples and have their own story to tell.

Fitting, James E. Seasonality in Great Lakes Prehistory. 1971. (Fitting Mss Box 4 )

In the Great Lakes region, we have several instances of prehistoric change in the pattern of seasonal exploitation.

Griffin , James B. Post-Glacial Ecology and Culture Changes in the Great Lakes Area of North America . (Fitting Mss Box 5 )

Griffin shows the changes in ecology and culture in the Great Lakes region.

Hoxie, R. David. A Preliminary Report on the Copper Artifacts from the Sand Point Site Baraga County , Michigan . (Fitting Mss Box 5 )

Description of copper artifacts with a review of apparent fishing technology represented by a small number of finished copper objects.

Hunter, W. F. Record of Location of Indian Relics Obtained by W.F. Hunter, Rosebush, Michigan, 1918-1950. 1 Oversize folder.

Locations of Indian relics found by Hunter are marked on a Michigan State Highway map of Isabella County . In addition to arrowheads he found five bear effigies and two bird stones.

Koslin, Richard O. The Holcombe Site, Macomb County , Michigan . (Fitting Mss Box 6)

The Holcombe Site appears to represent a camp occupied by peoples making tools in the area 9000 to 8000 B.C.  Includes two slide boxes of pre-European contact Native American archaeological excavations, arrowheads and other artifacts.