Local History

The history of local areas often contains information about the Native Americans who live or lived there.


Anderson, Russell F. Historic Not-A-Pe-Ka-Gon: An Individualized History of Mason County, Michigan. n.p. 1933.

Contains a chapter on "Early Indian History."

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Includes Indian history of the area.

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Includes material about the Indians of the county.

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Includes: "Land of the Sauks" and "Indian Lore Abounds".

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A variety of information about the Islands including the Indians.

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Compilation of historical accounts of the early days of the Flat River area.

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The historical facts and dates are drawn from books and from personal observation of over fifty years of life with the Indians on the frontier of our nation.

Bald, F. Clever. Detroit's First American Decade 1796 to 1805. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 1948.

Native Americans played an important role in Detroit in these years.

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Fort Saint Joseph was the key to the south and southwest tribes.

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Much about the Native Americans of the area.

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Includes Chief Ahgosa, Indian warfare, and Peter Dougherty.

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The early chapters deal with the Native Americans.

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Fort St. Joseph and the War of 1812.

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Includes Indian history of the area.

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Includes chapter "The First Inhabitants of the County."

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Personal memories of a man who has followed the trails of the Grand River valley from the days when its forest was the home of the Indian to the present.

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Traverse City, MI: Village Press, 1975.

Includes Peter Dougherty's mission.

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Includes "Indian Legends of Mackinac Island."

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Includes a chapter "Indians of the area."

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First chapter: "First Citizens of Saginaw County."

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Two pages of local Indian history.

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Four pages of local Indian history including Tip-Si-Co.

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Includes a chapter on Native Americans.

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Includes some local Indians.

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Includes chapter on Native Americans.

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Chapters on "Prehistoric People" and "American Indians."

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Includes information about Pontiac, Indian history and legends and the War of 1812.

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Page on Indians of the area.

Burnham, Guy M. The Lake Superior Country in History and Story. Boston, MA: Chapple, 1930.

There are four chapters on Indian history of the area.

Burton, Clarence M. Editor. The City of Detroit Michigan 1701-1922. Detroit, MI: S.J. Clarke, 1922. 5 volumes

In volume one there are chapters, "Prehistoric Detroit," "The First White Men," "Indian Treaties of Cession," and several more chapters on early Detroit. In volume two there is much on military history and the Indians.

Burton, Clarence M. and M. Agnes Burton. Editors. History of Wayne County and the City of Detroit, Michigan. Chicago, IL: S. J. Clarke, 1930. 3 volumes

In volume one there are several chapters on early Detroit and the Indians there.

Capp, Edward H. The Story of Baw-A-Ting Being the Annals of Sault Ste. Marie. Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, 1904.

Chapters about the Indians, Legends and Traditions of the Indian, and missions.

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Includes chapter "Puckered Moccasins."

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Includes chapter "Indian Country" and map of Indian trails and villages.

Castle, Beatrice Hanscom. The Grand Island Story. Marquette, MI: John M. Longyear Research Library, 1924.

Grand Island was the site of human activity for more than a thousand years before recorded history. Ancient home of the Ojibways, the island was first visited by white men in the mid-1600's.

Catlin, George B. The Story of Detroit. Detroit, MI: The Detroit News, 1923.

Includes chapters on Pontiac and other events involving Indians in the area.

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Book includes a chapter on Chief Okemos.

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Includes Carey Mission, Black Hawk, Pokagon and the Legend of the Sau-wau-see-bee.

Chaney, Elsket, Barstow. The Story of Portage. Onekama, MI: 1960.

Fifteen pages of Indian history in the area of Portage.

Claspy, Everett. The Dowagiac-Sisters Lake Resort Area and More About Its Potawatomi Indians. Dowagiac, MI: 1970.

Pokagon and Removal are included in this book.

Cleland, Charles E. The Place of the Pike (Gnoozhekaaning): A History of Bay Mills Indian Community. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 2001.

A history of the St. Mary's River Valley in Michigan and Ontario.

Colby, Lila. Grand Traverse Bay in the Great Lakes Basin: A History of a Changing Area. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan, 1971.

This work was commissioned to establish an historical framework for the University of Michigan's Sea Grant Program in the Grand Traverse Bay area. It includes much about the Indians.

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Includes a chapter "The Indians and the early settlers life with them."

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Many chapters on the early history of Detroit including Indians, Pontiac, War of 1812, Black Hawk War.

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There is a chapter "Mound Builders and Indians."

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Coolidge includes a chapter on Aborigines and early French occupation. Corporate Charter of the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe of the Isabella Reservation of Michigan. Federal Corporation Chartered under the Act of June 18, 1934.

Cumming, John. This Place Mount Pleasant. Mt. Pleasant, MI:, 1989.

Contains chapters "The Indians" and "The Indian School."

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Depicts events and living conditions in the days of the Indians, the courageous missionaries and the hardy settlers. There is information about the archaeology of southwestern Michigan. Miami and Potawatomi Indians tribes and notable Indian chiefs are included.

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Several chapters on Indian history in the area.

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Includes a chapter, "Indians in the Beginning."

DeLand, Charles V. Deland's History of Jackson County, Michigan. n.p.: B.F. Bowen, 1903.

Includes a chapter on Indian tribes.

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"The people who lived here first" is a chapter in this book.

Donaldson, James. The Last of Louis Chevalier: Pioneer Narratives of the Lake Huron Shore. n.p.: 1983.

Donaldson has assembled primary documentation on pertinent figures in the fur trade, early fishing and lumbering interests, and Native American life on the Au Sable River and along the Lake Huron shoreline of Michigan.

Dumond, Neva. Thumb Diggings: Adventures into Michigan's Thumb Area. Lexington, MI: Neva Dumond, 1962.

Stories about Indians from the local newspapers are included.

Dunbar, Willis F. Kalamazoo and How it Grew. Kalamazoo, MI: Western Michigan University, 1959.

Two chapters on the Indians: "The First People" and "Fur Trade on the Kekalamasoe."

Dunnigan, Brian Leigh. Frontier Metropolis: Picturing Early Detroit 1701-1838. Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press, 2001.

Illustrates and describes all known images of Detroit in the pre-photographic era to provide a visual chronology made by people who knew the city. Indians are included.

Eicher, Al and Dave Eicher. The Indian History of Michigan's Thumb Region: Ancient and Modern Times. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Program Source International, 1999.

A video presentation which portrays the life and times of the Anishanabe Indians who once lived in the Thumb region of Michigan.

Eicher, Al and Dave Eicher. Mackinac Island: 600 Year History. Bloomfield Hills, MI: Program Source International, 2000.

A video presentation which harkens back to the days when the Ojibwa Indians and European settlers first discovered the great turtle.

Eldred, Marie. Our Land – As It Was in the Beginning in Home Township and Thereabouts. Home Township Board, 1975.

Indian history of the area of Home Township in Montcalm County, Michigan.

Elie, Myrtle R. Trees, Trials, and Triumphs of Mundy Township. Swartz Creek, MI: Broadblade Press, 1983.

There is a chapter, "The Indians in the Township."

Emmert, Darlene The Indians of Shiawassee County, Michigan. Thesis. Albion College, 1962.

The resources used in this study include the memories of some of the county's older citizens, archaeological finds, the written reminiscences of the pioneers, and the rather incomplete records of the Michigan Superintendency of Indian Affairs.

Everett, Franklin. Memories of the Grand River Valley. Chicago, IL: Chicago Legal News Co., 1878.

There are chapters on Indians, Chippewa Mythology and Slater's Mission.

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Fancher includes a chapter on Indian Treaties and Patents.

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Much on the Indians and wars.

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There are two chapters on the Native Americans in the Upper Peninsula.

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There are three chapters on Native Americans.

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n.p., 1952.

Indian material for the area is covered in three pages.

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History of the area from the time Cartier arrived. Much Indian history included.

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There is a chapter, "Saginaw Indians."

Gaines Area Centennial 1875-1975. Gaines Area Centennial Committee, 1975.

Gaines is in Genesee County. There are five pages of information on five Indians who were land owners in the area.

Gansser, Augustus H. Editor. History of Bay County, Michigan and Representative Citizens. Chicago, IL: Richmond & Arnold, 1905.

"The Aboriginal Period" is covered in a chapter.

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"A Village is Born 1701-1815" chapter covers much Indian history in the area.

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"Original Inhabitants" is a chapter in this book.

Gutsche, Andrea, Barbara Chisholm and Russell Floren. The North Channel and St. Mary's River: A Guide to the History. Toronto, Ontario: Lynn Images, 1997.

For centuries, Lake Huron's North Channel and St. Mary's River have provided an essential passageway, first for native peoples and then for successive waves of Europeans. Brimming with stories and folklore, this book pulls you along on a journey of discovery from La Cloche, along the Manitoulin Islands and the north channel, to the St. Mary's River and the two Saults.

Hegman, Arthur A. Editor. Oakland County Book of History. n.p., 1970.

There is a chapter on the Indians of the area.

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"The Imprint of the Indian" is a chapter in this book.

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Highlights of Lake Superior regional history.

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Includes chapter: "Native Americans in Detroit" by Beatrice Bigony.

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"The Indians- Swartz Creek's first people" is a chapter in this book.

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Includes Pokagon.

Henrickson, Wilma Wood. Editor. Detroit Perspectives: Crossroads and Turning Points. Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press, 1991.

Henrickson used original documents to put this book together. One chapter is "Land from the Indians by Treaty and Expulsion."

Hesperia Centennial Souvenir Book 1866-1966. unpublished: 1966.

The first two pages include the local Native Americans.

Hill, Jack. A History of Iron County, Michigan. Iron River, MI: Reporter Publishing Co., 1955.

Includes chapter, "The Red Men In Iron County."

Hinsdale, W. B. The Indians of Washtenaw County, Michigan. Ann Arbor, MI: George Wahr, 1927.

Remarks upon the tribes have been gleaned from many original sources which disagree on various points. Notes on archaeology from writer's own observations and from field work.

History of Allegan and Barry Counties, Michigan, With Illustrations. Philadelphia, PA: D.W. Ensign, 1880.

An account of the Ottawa and Pottawattomie Indians who formerly ruled and occupied this region is included.

History of Bay County, Michigan. Chicago, IL: H. R.Page, 1883.

This book includes information about the Native Americans of the county.

History of Berrien and Van Buren Counties, Michigan. Philadelphia, PA: D. W. Ensign, 1880.

Includes information about the Miamis and Pottawattomies.

History of Branch County, Michigan. Philadelphia, PA: Everts and Abbott, 1879.

Includes information about the Pottawattomies.

History of Cass County, Michigan. Chicago, IL: Waterman, Watkins, 1882.

There is information on Pottawattomie Indians, Carey Mission and Removal in this book.

History of Genesee County, Michigan. Philadelphia, PA: Everts and Abbott, 1879.

There are chapters on the Indians in Genesee County in this book.

History of Hillsdale County, Michigan. Philadelphia, PA: Everts and Abbott, 1879.

Includes chapters on the Potawattomis.

History of Kent County, Michigan. Chicago, IL: Chas. C. Chapman, 1881.

Includes four chapters on Kent County Indians.

History of Livingston County, Michigan. Philadelphia, PA: Everts and Abbott, 1880.

Includes two chapters on Indians and Cessions of Indian Lands.

History of Macomb County, Michigan. Chicago, IL: M.A. Leeson, 1882.

"The Indians" is the title of one chapter in this book.

The History of Menominee Now and Then. Menominee Herald Leader, 1976.

Scott Fernstrum wrote a chapter in this book, "Menominee Indians and Queen Marinette."

History of Saginaw County, Michigan. Chicago, IL: Chas. C. Chapman, 1881.

Includes three chapters on Indians and treaties.

History of St. Clair County, Michigan. Chicago, IL: A.T. Andreas, 1883.

"The Indians" is the title of one chapter in this book.

History of Shiawassee and Clinton Counties, Michigan. Philadelphia, PA: D.W. Ensign, 1880.

Two chapters on the Indian history of these counties.

History of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Chicago, IL: Western Historical, 1883.

There is one chapter on the Indians in this book.

History of Washtenaw County, Michigan. Chicago, IL: Chas. C. Chapman, 1881.

Includes two chapters on the Indians of the area.

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First chapter is on the local Indians and includes two legends.

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"Before the White Man" is the title of one chapter in this book.

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"Indian Days, Early Exploration and the Fur Trade" is the title of one chapter.

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Howe includes a chapter on the Carey Mission and one on "Insulting the Indians."

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Around the turn of the century Hutchins interviewed ‘old timers' of the area and wrote up their recollections. Many of them remembered the Indians of the area.

Ingalls, E.S. Centennial History of Menominee County. Menominee, MI: Herald Power Press, 1876.

The first part of this book includes information about the Indians of the area.

Isabella County 1982. Shepherd, MI: Shepherd Area Historical Society, 1982.

Includes chapters, "Indian Reservations" and "Chippewa Church."

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"The Nocquet and Other Indians of Delta County" is the title of one chapter.

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"Red Men" is the title of one chapter of this book.

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Includes a chapter on "Copper and the Prehistoric Use of Isle Royale."

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Indian history including the deed of Grosse Isle in 1776 with names and totems of the chiefs and principal men of the Potawatomi nation.

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A variety of information about Mackinac including Indian legends.

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Includes treaties, signers of treaties and land patents issued to Indians in the area.

Knaggs Bridge Area: Being a History of Same and Including the Program at which an Historic Site Marker was Unveiled to the Public View. Lansing, MI: The Flame Tree Press, 1965.

This is a two page pamphlet with Indian history of the area.

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History of the fort area.

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Several early chapters deal with the Indians of the area.

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Includes information about the Indians and the Reservation.

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Includes accounts of early encounters with the Indians.

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Includes a chapter on the Indians.

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Early Indian history of the area including Indian farming and Dougherty's mission.

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In volume one there is much information about the Indians and early Detroit.

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Includes a chapter, "Hunting Ground of the Ottawas."

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The first chapter deals with the Indians in the area.

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Chronicles the island over time and includes Native Americans.

McMacken, David. St. Louis at 150: The Story of the Middle of the Mitten. n.p.: Concept Communications, 2003.

Bethany Mission is covered in the first chapter.

​Mevis, Daniel S. Pioneer Recollections: Semi-Historic Side Lights in the Early Days of Lansing. Lansing, MI: Robert Smith Printing, 1911.

Includes remembrances of the Native Americans.

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The Grand Traverse region including the mission there.

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Indian settlements, Indian life and missions are included in this book.

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Includes a chapter, with photographs, of Native Americans.

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Compiled from newspaper clippings, pioneers and from Tucker's History of Gratiot County.

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Early local Indians are included in this history.

Mills, James Cooke. History of Saginaw County, Michigan. Saginaw, MI: Seeman and Peters, 1918. 2 volumes

Includes several chapters on the Native Americans of the area, as well as information about the local lumber interests and their unfair practices in dealing with the Indians at the Isabella Reservation.

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Includes a chapter, "Early History" by Earl De La Vergne about the Ottawa.

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Includes a chapter "Historic Background of the Saginaw Region."

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Includes Old Fort St. Joseph and the Carey Mission. 

Mt. Pleasant Area and Chippewa Indian Centennial. Mt. Pleasant, MI: 1964.

Selected historical material including "Indian Problems" and "1864 Treaty."

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Windmill Pointe is on Lake St. Clair.

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These sketches were originally written for a radio show. The include, "The Miamis," "The Fox War," and "Pontiac's Rebellion."

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Includes chapter "The Friendly Indians."

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Short excerpts from the 1870's through 1885 newspaper. Native Americans are included.

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Several Indian legends are included.

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History of the area including Indians.

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Includes stories of local Ojibwa Indians.

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Includes a chapter, "The Indians Visit Us."

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Includes a chapter on the Indians.

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Chapter on "Digging the Past" by Richard Flanders on the archaeology of the area is included.

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The chapter on "First People" includes information on Indians, traders and missionaries.

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Includes a chapter on the local Indians.

Our Heritage: Garden Peninsula Delta County, Michigan 1840-1980. Garden Peninsula Historical Society, 1982.

Includes a chapter on the local Indians.

Overall Economic Development Program Saginaw-Chippewa Isabella Reservation at Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Mt. Pleasant, MI; 1971.

Pageant of Historical Monroe, June 23, 24, 1926, Monroe Michigan. Monroe,MI: Lamour Printing Co., 1926.

Early parts of the book deal with the Indians, including Tecumseh.

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Papers written by General Friend Palmer of Detroit being his personal reminiscences of important events and descriptions of the city for over eighty years. He arrived in Detroit in 1827.

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The influence of topography, the waterways, the soil, the climate, mineral resources, plant life, animal life, and aboriginal human life upon the activities of the Europeans.

The Past and Present of Eaton County, Michigan. Lansing, MI: Michigan Historical Publishing, n.d.

Includes Indians and removal of the Indians.

Past and Present of Shiawassee County, Michigan. Lansing, MI: Michigan Historical Publishing, 1982. Reprint.

There are three chapters on the Indians of the area.

Patrick, Lewis S. Sketches of the Menominee River. Menominee, MI: Harold Pring, 1971. Reprint 1975.

Patrick includes the Indians.

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Chief Okemos is included here.

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Includes Indians of the region and their impact on history.

Place of the Big Rock, Chesaning, Michigan 1842-1950. Chesaning, MI: Chesaning Public Library, 1966.

Includes a chapter, "Indian Life in the Big Rock Area."

Plat Books.

Plat books are printed for every country in a variety of time periods. If you are looking for information about who owned what land, including Native Americans, this is an excellent source of information.

Pollen, T.J. History of Bridgeport, Saginaw County, Michigan. Saginaw, MI: Saginaw Genealogical Society, 1978. Reprint of 1912 ed.

Includes speeches of Ogemawkeketo, and Kish-Kaw-Ko and account of the Dog Dance.

Poremba, David Lee. Detroit: A Motor City History. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishers, 2001.

Documents the major events that shaped this once small French fur trading outpost across three centuries of conflict and prosperity.

Portland Centennial. Portland, MI: 1969.

There is a page on Chief Okemos in this book.

Portrait and Biographical Album of Isabella County, Michigan. Chicago, IL: Chapman Brothers, 1884.

Briefly mentions the Native Americans of the county.

Portrait and Biographical Album of Midland, County, Michigan. Chicago, IL: Chapman Brothers, 1884.

Includes a chapter on the Indians.

Portrait and Biographical Album of Sanilac County, Michigan. Chicago, IL: Chapman Brothers, 1884.

There is a chapter on Indian history.

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Old Mission is in the Grand Traverse region. This is a history of the area including Native Americans and Peter Dougherty.

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Includes a few pages on the local Indians.

Potts, Grace J. Portage and Its Past. Portage, MI: Portage Public Schools, 1976.

Chapter One has a sketch of Portage before white settlement including general information on Potawattomi Indian life, local Indian trails, and Removal of Indians to the West.

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Early chapters deal with early Detroit history and the Native Americans.

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There are four pages of information on the Indians of the early days of the area.

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Includes a chapter on Native Americans.

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Includes stories about the Native Americans of the region.

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The first chapter is, "Pre-settlement Period."

Resort Township Remembers. n.p., n.d.

Resort Township is on Little Traverse Bay. This book has a section on Indians and a map of Indian land selections.

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Includes information on Pottawatomies and Removal.

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There is a chapter, "Norwood and Native Americans."

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There is much early history of Detroit in this book.

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Includes chapters: "Michigan Indians," and "Carey Mission" as well as information about the Pokagons and Removal.

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The early chapters include much information about the Indians of the area.

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Includes a chapter, "Aboriginal History" and one on the Pokagons.

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The Tuscarora region has a 48 mile network of lakes, portages and rivers which have provided a lifeline for the area's inhabitants for at least two hundred years. It was first used by Indians for fishing, hunting and canoe transportation, later for their access to fur trading at Mackinac Island.

Sawyer, Alvah L. A History of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan and Its People. Chicago, IL: Lewis Publishing Co., 1911. 3 volumes

Includes five chapters on the Native Americans of the area.

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Includes chapters on the Indians.

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Includes a chapter on Indian lore.

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"Indian and Primitive Record" is a chapter in this book.

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There are four chapters on the Indians in the St. Joseph valley.

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Includes a chapter by Ira Butterfield, "Prehistoric People at Tobico."

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Includes a chapter on the Chippewa.

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Early Indians in the area and Removal are covered.

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Indians and Missions in Grand Traverse County are covered.

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There is one page of local Indian history.

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There is early history of the area and the Indians.

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Native Americans were an important part of the early history of Mackinaw.

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Stroebel starts with the Indian history of the area.

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Primarily a history of Grosse Ile during the first hundred years of private ownership. Chapter One touches upon the prehistoric, considers the exploration of the Great Lakes region and incursion into the domain of the aborigines.

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Includes information about the Munising Band of Chippewa Indians.

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"Shingabawoosin's People" is a chapter in this book.

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Includes Indian history and mission.

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Includes chapters: "The Treaty of Saginaw of 1819" and "Battle of Skull Island."

Thumb's Up: A Collection of Historical Essays on Huron County and the Thumb. Mt. Pleasant, MI: Central Michigan College, 1956.

For the book Lydia Cullen wrote "The Shebahyonk Mission."

The Traverse Region. Chicago, IL: H.R. Page, 1884.

Includes missions and the Indians of the area.

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Jacob Tipsico is included in this book.

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"The Indian Period of Macomb County" is a chapter in this book.

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Includes Bethany German Lutheran Mission.

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Includes Okemos and other Native Americans.

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Includes early Indian history of the area.

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"Indian Land," "Dowagiac's Name," and "Simon Pokagon" are chapters in this book.

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Missions, Pontiac, Massacre at Fort Mackinac, and the War of 1812 are included.

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Includes several pieces on the Native Americans in the region.

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First chapter includes local Indian history.

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Includes Indian lore and history and a Chippewa story, "Sleeping Swan and Falling Star."

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First four chapters are on the local Indians.

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History of the area and the Indian trading posts.

West Branch Area: First One Hundred Years. n.p., n.d.

"Story of Chief Ogemaw" is included.

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The story of the French Canadian settlement at the mouth of the St. Joseph River.

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"Indians of Gun Plain" is a chapter in this book.

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The history includes the Native Americans.

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Williams includes her remembrances of Chief Ossawinamakee and his people.

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There is a good deal about the Indians in this book.

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There are several chapters on the Indians and the War of 1812.

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Compilation of source material. Much about the Native Americans.

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Includes chapters on the Indians.

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A history of Greensky Hill near Charlevoix.

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Several early chapters deal with Native Americans in the area.

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Traces the entire history of Detroit from its founding in 1701 to the present.

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A book of readings about the area starting with Hennepin.

Yates, Dorothy Langdon. Salt of the Earth: A History of Midland County, Michigan. Midland, MI: Midland County Historical Society, 1987.

Includes a chapter about the Chippewa Indians.​

Yesterdays of Green Oak: 1830-1930. Brighton, MI: Green Oak Historical Society, 1981.

The first chapter deals with local Indians.


Bovee, Fay. Land of Shop-nee-guanse. CMU Term Paper, 1962. (Cannot be copied)

Crawford County.

Conway, Thor A. "Heartland of the Ojibwa." A Paper presented at the 1976 Canadian Archaeological Association Meeting. (Fitting Mss Box 3)

Sault Ste. Marie was the heartland of the Ojibwa. Aside from the major fishery, Sault Ste. Marie sponsored intensive settlement and interaction with cultures in four directions.

Cusak, Helen A. Belding's Yesterday: Pioneer Stories of Our Community. 1957.

Copy of a typed paper on the history about the Indians and pioneers of Belding, Michigan.

Dean, Bernice Pulcipher. Indians of the Yuba, Michigan area. 1971.

Handwritten notes of Dean's remembrances of Native Americans she knew as a child in Yuba, Michigan in the early 1900s.

Dustin, Fred. Papers. 3 boxes

Dustin was a historian of the Saginaw Valley. The collection includes his articles and correspondence with fellow researchers. Includes work on Native Americans and Michigan archaeology.

Gremel, Kay. We-Que-Ton-Sing. CMU Term Paper, 1970. (Cannot be copied)

Emmet County.

Indians of Isabella County and the Saginaw River Valley, Michigan. 1 folder

Two typed articles about the history of the Native Americans in Isabella County and the Saginaw River valley. Authors unknown.

Keller, Mark. Collection.

The Canal Lands of Keweenaw Bay. A Report for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Michigan Agency, 1984.
A Place to Make Sugar: A Saginaw Chippewa Land History. 1970.
Keweenaw Bay Community Documents.
L'Anse Native American Community Documents.
L'Anse Chippewa Land 1883-1981- Background.
Avron Township Project.
Attempts to go to Washington, 1855-1868.
Fond du Lac Treaty Journal, 1826.
General Accounting Officer Ledger ca 1830, Saginaw, Chippewa, Black River paid 1833 Treaty of Chicago.
Saginaw Chippewa Council Minutes 1937-1945.
A Micro-Model of Leadership Among the Ojibwa of Southeast Michigan and Their Descendants. 1995.

Livingston, Esther. Indians of Emmet County. undated CMU Term Paper. (Cannot be copied)

Livingston, Sarah McKinley. Papers. 1 folder

Papers, written sometime after the events she remembered from 1848-1857, including memories of her girlhood on Beaver Island. She had positive memories of the Ojibwa Indians. She also included some history of the Ojibwa Indians.

Minyard, Charles M. The Disappearance of the Isabella Indian Reservation: The Role of Missionaries, Governments, Agents, Lawyers, and Speculators.

A paper written for CMU History 723, 2003. Minyard discusses how various Mt. Pleasant, Michigan white men, and their organizations, cheated local Native Americans out of their land and the timber on it.

Term Paper, 1964. (Cannot be copied)

Muchie, Jack. Ottawa Indians of L'Arbre Croche. CMU Term Paper 1975. (Cannot be copied)

Perry, Ellen. Papers. 2 boxes.

Perry was a local newspaper correspondent. Among her papers are several articles she wrote about Alma and Mt. Pleasant Native Americans. 1) Tragedy of Saginaw Indians, 2) Indian Cemetery Restored, 3) Ancestry of Saginaw Valley Indians, and 4) Bethany Lutheran Cemetery Open House.

Powers, Ella V. Papers. 8 boxes.

Powers was a descendant of the earliest pioneers in Isabella County. In her papers she left a draft for "The Indians of Isabella County" a history of the early days of the reservation. In addition there is a list of Isabella County Civil War soldiers, including Indians, for Isabella County.

Sheffer, Richard. Peshawbestown, Michigan. CMU Term Paper 1970. (Cannot be copied)

Peshawbestown is in Leelanau County.


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Bryan Kwapil, curator of the Grand Rapids Public Museum, and the exhibit he prepared which focuses on the point of view of the Indians of the area.

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From Cadillac's time to the present.

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There is not a great deal on record.

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Dustin's attempt to record and collect evidence of these trails.

Dustin, Fred. "Some Indian Place Names Around Saginaw." Michigan History 12 (Autumn 1928): 729-739.

Local place names derived from Native American words.

"Early Gratiot History Re-Called in Marking Indian Trail Here." Gratiot Genealogical Group 8 (March 2000): 214-215.

D.A.R. marks the Indian trail which in the early days led from Maple Rapids to St. Louis, Michigan.

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History of the Shiawassee County Native Americans as disclosed by local history evidence.

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Rev. Pah-tah-qua-hong Chase among others.

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A history of the area.

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First occupants of the area were mostly Chippewa Indians.

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Re: The Indians who once lived at Nottawa Lake, Calhoun County.

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How and why the present site was established.

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Response of the Detroit Indian Educational and Cultural Center to accusations.

Kechego, Sandy. "Detroit Report." Indian Talk 3 (March/April 1976): 15.

News of the Detroit Indian Educational and Cultural Center.

McClurken, James. "Strangers in Their Own Land." Grand River Valley Review 4 (1985): 2-25.

The Ottawa have managed, by the power of their will and the skill of their political maneuvers to make a place for themselves in a changing Grand River valley.

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The history of Woodward Avenue is also the history of Detroit.

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From Native American legend to the tourist trade.

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Charges of racial discrimination and cronyism are being made by some American Indians regarding the operation of the Indian Center in downtown Detroit.

"Our Indian Heritage." Kalamazoo Valley Family News Letter 13 (Autumn/Winter 1983): 77-78.

There was an Ottawa Reservation in Oceana and Mason Counties.

"The Sad Story of the Burt Lake Band." Totem Pole 37 (March 5, 1956): 1-6.

How they were cheated out of their land.

"The Saginaw Indians Wished to Keep Their Land." Totem Pole 20 (December 1, 1947): 1-2.

The Riley family in the Saginaw area.

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Indians protest a scalping demonstration at the church.

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Discusses some of the Indian paths in what was the old Dearborn Township area.

Spooner, Harry L. "Indians of Oceana." Michigan History 15 (Autumn 1931): 654-665.

A history of the Indians in Oceana County.

"Wag-A-Nuk-Zee Center Opens." Indian Talk 2 (August 1975): 12-13.

The center opened in Petoskey.

Wahla, Ed J. "L'Arbre Croche." Totem Pole 22 (March 7, 1949): 1-4.

A history of the area.

Woolworth, Nancy L. "The Potawatomi of the Rouge – 1701-1827." Dearborn Historian 6 (Summer 1966): 31-45.

History of the area and the Potawatomi who lived there.​

Periodicals Not Indexed

Frontier: Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. Mainistee, Michigan.

Have: April-November 1997; January, April, October 1998; January 1999.

Masina'igan: A Chronicle of the Lake Superior Ojibwe. Odanah, WI: Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Have: 1989-2003. scattered issues.

The Sault Tribe News. Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians.

Have: 2000-

Tribal Observer. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe.

Have: 1993 –

Win Awenen Nisitotung = He Who Understands. Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians.

Have: 1983-2000.

Ziibiwing Cultural Society. Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe.

Have: 2002-


St. Ignace-Mackinac Island collection.