The use of Native American names and tribes as mascots for sports and schools is covered here.


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The Canadian Alliance in Solidarity with Native Peoples is joining with the American Indian Movement in speaking out on the continued dehumanization of Indigenous people in sports and the media.

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A variety of articles about the use of Indians as mascots of sports teams.

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The issue and the harm it does in Wisconsin school where 90 high schools use Indian names and/or images to depict their sports teams.

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Why do Americans tolerate racist Native American symbols for consumerism?

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"As someone who has spent his entire adult life teaching and administering elementary schools for Indigenous children, I see that the way Indian mascots are used today is about 'dysconscious racism' and a form of cultural violence."

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There are no simple answers to this issue, however, communication is the first step toward discussing the Indian mascot issue among representative communities.

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Any attempt to extol the positive, vibrant aspects of cultural diversity comes smack against the spectacle of pro sports franchises appropriating Native American people as props for their multi-million dollar entertainments.

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An American Indian student at Mitford High School is campaigning to have the name of her school's mascot, the Redskins – changed.

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Commentary on mascots.