Administrative Records


Creator / Responsible Unit

Retention Period

After Retention


General Administration Records

Records that document the long-range development of the University, departments, and programs as well as providing insight into the daily operations of university units. Records include Academic program records, administrative files, SO appointment books/calendars, project files and reports, long-range plans, memos (of importance), statistical and data files, strategic plans, and other such documents.

University Units that Create the Records

7 years

Transfer to Archives


​Committee and Meeting Records

​Documents related to non-confidential or non-privileged work undertaken by committees, councils, and task-forces organized by the University or external to and reporting to the University.

​University Units that Create the Records

7 years

Transfer to Archives


Policies and Procedures Records

These records include University and campus-specific policy documents and administrative procedure manuals detailing requirements or expectations in conducting day-to-day work at the University.

​Office of General Counsel

​Superseded + 1 year

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​A4Accreditation Records​

​Records documenting the accreditation review process of various external governing boards including evidence, recommendations, self-studies, program reviews, meeting minutes, and reports.

SOs, Deans of Academic Units

10 years​

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Federal Disclosure and Compliance Documents

Reports verifying compliance with disclosure requirements regarding federal and state laws related to students and higher education.

SOs, Deans, Athletics, Office of Research Compliance, General Counsel, ORGS


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FERPA Compliance Records

Includes requests for nondisclosure of directory information, requests for formal hearings, waivers for rights of access, and written consent for records disclosure.

SOs, Registrar

​100 years

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​Authorizations and Access Controls Records

Documents used in tracking permission to use or access University resources including building access permissions, IT security access permissions, and documents related to the distribution of keys and access codes.

​University Units that Create the Records

2 years

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Inventory Management Records

​Documents used in support and management of University resources such as moveable equipment, IT materials, and other inventory property of the University.

University Units that Create the Records

​Active + 4 years

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​Final versions of University and University-unit publications including Bulletins, event and commencement programs, newsletters, calendars, advertisements, postcards, brochures, and other publicity material.

​UComm, University Units that Create the Records

Immediate Transfer to Archives

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Marketing and Events Records

​Materials related to events held in University facilities or sponsored by the University in any facility such as Advancement activities, athletics, performing arts, and campus invitees. Materials include media files, publicity files, correspondence, schedules, and other administrative records.

University Units that Create the Records

​3 years

Transfer to Archives


​Course Schedules and Class Schedules

​Information about courses on offer at the University that is not documented in the Bulletins such as section numbers, schedules, enrollment limits, and other information.

Registrar, University Units that Create the Records


Transfer to Archives


​Working Documents and Drafts

Important University documents used in carrying out business including but not limited to policy creation, curricula, facilities administration, accreditation and program review, projects, programs, research, and personal reference, but having no long-term historical value.

​University Units that Create the Records

​As long as useful



​Facilities Documents

​Records related to the construction, maintenance, and operations of University facilities including but not limited to construction proposals, budgets, architectural plans, blueprints, and shop drawings.

​SOs, Facilities Management, General Counsel

​Life of the Facility

Transfer to Archives


Environmental Health and Safety Documents

​Materials related to operations of and compliance with environmental health and safety regulations including but not limited to documents pertaining to accident reports, environmental policies, fire alarm and suppression systems, MSDS sheets, hazardous waste, and training of staff.

​Environmental Health and Safety

Active + 30 years

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​Civil Rights Compliance Files

​Documents pertaining to the University's compliance with Federal and State statutes regarding discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct.


​In accordance with State and/or Federal Statute

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​Civil Rights Complaint Case Files

​Records documenting the investigations of the Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity into complaints of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct.

​OCRIE​7 years

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Volunteer Participant Records

Records related to a student’s volunteer service through University programs including but not limited to significant correspondence, resumes/vitaes, records of accomplishments, accommodations, evaluations, waivers, mentor agreements, hold harmless agreements, notification of appointment and change of status, as well as service history documents including dates of service and positions held.

M​ary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center or Unit that Created the Record

​7 years

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Informed Consent Release Forms

​Completed and signed informed consent releases, also known as hold harmless waivers, release of liability, or personal injury liability waivers, in all paper and electronic formats, that are agreed to by CMU and non-CMU affiliates participating in CMU-sponsored programs including but not limited to sports activities and camps, academic camps, cultural camps, aquatic instruction, Grandparents U, events, and any program where someone signs a release of liability. These releases generally state that CMU cannot be held accountable for accidental injury or bodily harm to an individual participating in a specific program. In the case of minors, these agreements are entered into by the parent or guardian of the minor participant.

The campus unit that has created and collected the record

​3 years after the completion of the program for participants 18 years or older. For minors, 3 years after participant reaches age 18.

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COVID-19 Health Screen Data and Proof of Vaccination/Testing

​Individual self-reported data submitted via the COVID-19 Health Screen App, Website, or by calling the dedicated COVID-19 Health Screen hotline.

Aggregate data used in reports, summaries, and for other administrative functions, is not included in this record type and is to be maintained according to the record type under which it is classified. For more information, please contact the Records Management Team.


​1 year from the date that the University determines students, faculty, and staff are no longer required to complete the COVID-19 Health Screen or submit proof of vaccination/testing.

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Updated June 23, 2022