Biology on Beaver Island

Did you know that Central Michigan University is the only university in Michigan operating an island research station?

High school and incoming college students can spend part of their summer on Beaver Island collecting samples, exploring ecosystems and earning college credit. Beaver Island, the largest island in Lake Michigan, is home to nature preserves and abundant state land. It’s also home to the Central Michigan University Biological Station.

Through the Biology 100z course, students receive an introduction to college-level fieldwork in biology. Students will learn sampling techniques, and collect and analyze material from the island.

After class, students will be able to hike, swim and explore the natural beauty of Beaver Island with their classmates.

Application for Beaver Island

Biology on Beaver Island is a dual enrollment program, which means Admissions will work with you and your student to submit the application. 

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Contact information

Current high school students

A dual enrollment specialist will reach out to high school students to help guide them through the dual enrollment application.

Contact Alex Bohnsack

Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Phone: 989-774-3076

Incoming freshmen

If your student has already been admitted to CMU, they will work with their assigned academic advisor. If your student doesn't know their assigned academic advisor, contact Heidi Mahon.

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Director of Student Services for the College of Science and Engineering
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