Freshmen applying for the 2021 spring, summer, or fall semesters have the opportunity to be considered for admission and scholarships with or without an ACT/SAT score. 

COVID-19 impacted opportunities for many students to take or re-take a standardized test, but it should not impact your ability to apply for college and earn a scholarship. High school grade point average has always been emphasized in our application review process as a strong predictor of college success.

It's your choice! But rest assured, you can change your mind later and we will always do what's in your best interest.

Which option is right for me?

  • When to apply without a test score
    If you haven’t taken the ACT or SAT, or haven’t received your scores, choosing this option means you can be considered for admission and scholarships now. 

    If you have a score but plan to retake the test, you don’t have to wait for your new score or risk the cancellation of a test.

    In either instance, choosing to be considered for admission and scholarships without a test score allows you to receive an admission decision and initial merit scholarship offer. 
  • When to apply with a test score
    If you are homeschooled or attend a high school that does not provide grades, you will need to submit an ACT or SAT score for admission and scholarship consideration.

    If you have recently taken the ACT or SAT and sent your scores to CMU, you may wish to wait until we receive your scores and provide you with an admission decision and scholarship offer.
  • Can I change my mind later?
    Yes, simply send an email to let us know. If you initially decide to be considered for admission and scholarships without a test score but later wish to submit one, your application will be re-reviewed and you may qualify for a better scholarship. Your admission decision will never be negatively impacted and your scholarship will not be lowered when you submit a test score.

    If you initially decide to be considered with a test score but later wish to be considered without it, we will review your application with the materials you provided.

On the application for admission, you will be asked the following question: “Do you want to be considered for admission without a test score?” 

  • Answer “Yes” if you would like us to provide you with an admission decision and merit scholarship based solely on your high school transcript.
  • Answer “No” if you would like us to hold our review until receiving your score. You will not receive an admission decision or merit scholarship offer until your score is received.

Scholarship considerations

  • Will I be considered for merit scholarships if I apply without a test score?
    Yes! Maroon & Gold Merit Recognition Scholarships are automatically awarded based on your application for admission with or without test scores. However, submitting a test score (or an improved test score) may result in a better scholarship. If you send a test score after receiving an initial offer, we will re-review your application and always grant you the higher scholarship.
  • Could my scholarship decrease if I send my test score later?
    No. Once you have been admitted and received an initial scholarship offer, submitting your test score later will not decrease your scholarship or negatively impact your admission decision. We will always award you with the highest scholarship for which you are eligible.
  • Can I apply for competitive scholarships without a test score?
    You can apply for the Leader Advancement Scholarship, Multicultural Award of Distinction, Multicultural Advancement Scholarship, and Lloyd M. Cofer Scholarship without a test score. However, a test score is required in order to compete for Centralis awards. Please note, each of these competitive scholarships requires an additional application.

Additional FAQs

  • Should I still send my score to CMU if I choose not to have it considered?
    ACT or SAT scores are used for course placement and are required for entry into some programs (i.e. teacher education). Therefore, we highly recommend that you send your scores to CMU when they are available. Sending your scores will never disadvantage you.
  • Can I submit a self-reported score?
    No, it must be an official score sent from the testing agency or appearing on your official high school transcript. We cannot consider self-reported scores for admission or scholarships.
  • Can transfer students elect to apply for admission without a test score?
    Test scores are not considered in the transfer student application process. Therefore, students who have taken coursework at a college or university after high school graduation are not impacted by the test-optional policy.
  • Will CMU be test-optional beyond 2021?
    Currently, the policy is only in effect for spring, summer, and fall terms in 2021. A decision about future terms has not yet been made.