student studying with red fall leaves Finding out which college credits will transfer to Central Michigan University is an important step in becoming a transfer student. It's vital to finding the right school to continue your education and, at CMU, we provide several tools to help you determine exactly how the work you've already done will carry over to CMU. These online tools make it easy to determine not only which of your past credits will transfer to CMU but also how close that will bring you to your chosen degree at CMU.

The Transfer Equivalencies Tool is a database of courses that have previously been approved for transferring to CMU. Use the database to explore which of your courses will transfer to CMU.


  • Select your current or past institution. Choose from all 50 states and many foreign countries.
  • Select the academic subject of your course(s). To see all transferable courses at an institution, select “All Subjects.”
  • View the list of courses and their CMU equivalents. TIP: A course may transfer as specific course credit (i.e., ENG 101) or departmental credit (i.e., ENG CRED)

If you do not see your course listed:
It may still be transferable, but it has not been previously evaluated. Once you have been admitted to CMU, your courses will be evaluated to determine which ones are transferable. If you would like a course evaluated prior to your admission, you may submit the course’s full syllabus to Evaluations will be completed as time allows.

The Michigan Transfer Network allows you to view transfer equivalencies between many Michigan colleges and universities.

To see if your course will transfer to CMU:

  • Click “Search by Transferring (From) Institution.”
  • Select your current institution from the “Transferring Institution” dropdown menu
  • Select your course subject and title
  • Click the “Receiving Institution” dropdown menu to see if Central Michigan University is listed.

To find which courses you should take before transferring to CMU:

  • Visit the CMU Bulletin to determine which classes are required for your desired major/minor.
  • On the Michigan Transfer Network site, click “Search by Receiving (To) Institution.”
  • Select “Central Michigan University” from the “Receiving Institution” dropdown menu
  • Select the CMU course subject and title
  • Select your current institution from the “Transferring Institution” dropdown menu
  • If your institution or course is not listed, there is unfortunately no transfer equivalency available.

    The Transfer Simulation Tool allows you to create a possible transfer scenario to see how the courses you have taken at other institutions may apply to a specific degree at Central Michigan University.

    Select your current college(s), add courses you have completed at the selected institution(s), and see which CMU courses you have already earned credit for. You can also see how close you are to earning a future CMU degree with the courses you have already taken.