Credit for Prior Learning

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Earn credits for life experience

Prior Learning credit can be awarded for college-level (undergraduate and graduate) learning students have already acquired from work, training, and life experiences.

As an adult student, you’ve learned much outside the traditional academic classroom. You may have acquired skills and knowledge that could satisfy some of your CMU degree requirements.

We offer prior learning credit for experiences such as:

  • On-the-job experiences
  • Workshops, seminars or professional-development classes
  • Volunteer activities that have resulted in college-level learning

Our prior learning model is based on competencies rather than on course equivalents, so you can earn credit whether or not we offer specific courses about what you have learned. You can receive up to 60 undergraduate credits or 12 graduate credits.​

The cost of applying prior credit toward your degree is much less than the cost of tuition — saving you both time and money in earning your degree.

We encourage you to learn more about prior credit by visiting the undergraduate or graduate prior learning web page. You may also contact your advisor. It can be a rewarding way to put your work, training, and life experiences to work.

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