Michigan Local History: County Material J-L


Basic Information

County Seat: Jackson
Origin of Name: Named for President Andrew Jackson
Set Off: 1829
Organized: 1832
Population in 1990: 149,756

Material Available

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Basic Information

County Seat: Kalamazoo
Origin of Name: The name supposedly means "the mirage or reflecting river" and the original Indian name was "Kikalamazoo"
Set Off: Information unavailable
Organized: 1830
Population in 1990: 223,411

Material Available

Argus. January 1, 1976-September 25, 1985. (Galesburg).

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Basic Information

County Seat: Kalkaska
Origin of Name: A Native American word of uncertain meaning
Set Off: 1840 as Wabassee County. Renamed Kalkaska in 1843
Organized: 1871
Population in 1990: 13,497

Material Available

Bailey, Cecil W. History of Kalkaska Co. CMU Term Paper, 1944.

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Basic Information

County Seat: Grand Rapids
Origin of Name: Chancellor James Kent, a celebrated jurist of New York, was honored by this naming
Set Off: 1831
Organized: 1836
Population in 1990: 500,631

Material Available

Adams, Carl L. River Landings and the People Who Made Them. [Grand Rapids, MI: Mayhew Press, 1956].

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Basic Information

County Seat: Eagle River
Origin of Name: A Native American word meaning "portage or place where portage is made"
Set Off: 1861
Organized: 1861
Population in 1990: 1,701

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Basic Information

County Seat: Baldwin
Origin of Name: The numerous lakes in the county
Set Off: 1840 as Aishcum County. Renamed Lake in 1843.
Organized: 1871
Population in 1990: 8,583

Material Available

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Basic Information

County Seat: Lapeer
Origin of Name: A derivation of the French words "La Pierre"
Set Off: 1822
Organized: 1833
Population in 1990: 74,768

Material Available

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Basic Information

County Seat: Leland
Origin of Name: A Native American word meaning "delight of life"
Set Off: 1840
Organized: 1863
Population in 1990: 16,527

Material Available

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Basic Information

County Seat: Adrian
Origin of Name: A Native American word meaning "male"
Set Off: 1822 and attached to Monroe County
Organized: 1826
Population in 1990: 91,476

Material Available

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Basic Information

County Seat: Howell
Origin of Name: Named for the Hon. Edward Livingston, Secretary of State under President Andrew Jackson
Set Off: 1833, but was to remain for the time being as a part of Shiawassee and Washtenaw Counties
Organized: 1836
Population in 1990: 115,645

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Basic Information

County Seat: Newberry
Origin of Name: Cyrus G. Luce, Michigan's governor 1887-1890
Set Off: 1887
Organized: 1887
Population in 1990: 5,763

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