Michigan Local History: County Material O-Z


Basic Information

County Seat: Pontiac
Origin of Name: Named for the prevalence of oak trees in the area
Set Off: 1819
Organized: 1820
Population in 1990: 1,083,592

Material Available

Alexander, Mildred. Religion of the Settlers of Old Pine Lake. CMU Term Paper, n.d.

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Young, Richard. History of Northeast Oakland County. Oxford, MI: Oxford Leader, 1976.​




Basic Information

County Seat: Hart
Origin of Name: Traditional explanation is that the name derived from proximity to Lake Michigan, however recent deduction attributes the name to title of a book (Oceana, James Harrington, 1656)
Set Off: 1840
Organized: 1851, reorganized in 1855
Population in 1990: 22,454

Material Available

Bicentennial Collection of Walkerville Area: Colfax, Elkridge, Leavitt Townships. [Oceana County Bicentennial Committee, 1976].

Cassuto, David N. Cold Running River. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 1993.

A Century of Christian Fellowship, 1862-1962: Trinity Lutheran Church of Bradyville. n.p., 1962.

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New Era, Michigan: The First 100 Years. [New Era, MI: New Era Centennial Committee, 1972].

Olde Tyme Plat and History of Oceana County, Michigan. Hart, MI: Oceana County 4-H Youth Council and "Olde Tyme" Plat and History Committee, 1976.

Pentwater Bird's Eye View. Map, 1880.

Schrumpf, Florence R. Pentwater, 1853-1942. Pentwater, MI: Pentwater Historical Society, 1993.

Shelby Bird's Eye View. Map, 1909.​



Basic Information

County Seat: West Branch
Origin of Name: Chippewa Indian word meaning "chief"
Set Off: 1840 but abolished and incorporated into Iosco County in 1867. Set Off again in 1873
Organized: 1875
Population in 1990: 18,681

Material Available

Bray, Ann. History of the Telephone in Ogemaw County. CMU Term Paper, 1961.

Cotton, Phebe E. Phebe in Wonderland: An Account of Life as it was Growing Up in Lupton, Michigan, 1911-1929. n.p., 1983.

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Basic Information

County Seat: Ontonagon
Origin of Name: A derivation of the Native American word "Nondon-organ" meaning "hunting river"
Set Off: 1843
Organized: 1848
Population in 1990: 8,854

Material Available

Around the Bluff and Through the Years: An Informal History of Greenland Township. Iron Mountain, MI: Mid-Peninsula Library Cooperative, 1986.

Bebeau, Joseph. Rockland Centennial and Homecoming: A Story of Early Days in Rockland, Michigan, 1847-1947. Rockland, MI: 1947.

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Basic Information

County Seat: Reed City
Origin of Name: Chief Osceola, a Seminole Indian
Set Off: 1840 as Unwattin County. Name changed to Osceola in 1843
Organized: 1869
Population in 1990: 20,146

Material Available

Allen, Ed C. Pioneering in Michigan. [n.p., after 1910].

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Basic Information

County Seat: Mio
Origin of Name: A Native American word meaning "pebbly prairie."
Set Off: 1840
Organized: 1881
Population in 1990: 7,842

Material Available

Anderson, Elizabeth N. Pathfinders for God at Comins: A History of Comins Mennonite Church. [Comins, MI:] 1984.

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Basic Information

County Seat: Gaylord
Origin of Name: Indian name meaning "place of the rock"
Set Off: 1840 as Okkuddo County. Name changed to Otsego in 1843
Organized: 1875.
Population in 1990: 17,957

Material Available

Arnold, Dan. History of Johannesburg School. CMU Term Paper, n.d.

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Basic Information

County Seat: Grand Haven
Origin of Name: Native American tribe of the same name
Set Off: 1831
Organized: 1837
Population in 1990: 187,768

Material Available

Bend in the River: The Story of Grandville and Jenison, Michigan, 1832-1972. Grand Rapids, MI: W.B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., 1975.

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Presque Isle


Basic Information

County Seat: Rogers City
Origin of Name: A derivation of the French, meaning "narrow peninsula"
Set Off: 1840
Organized: 1871, reorganized in 1875
Population in 1990: 13,743

Material Available

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Basic Information

County Seat: Roscommon
Origin of Name: County Roscommon, Ireland
Set Off: 1840 as Mikenauk County. Renamed Rsocommon in 1843
Organized: 1875
Population in 1990: 19,776

Material Available

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Basic Information

County Seat: Saginaw
Origin of Name: Derived from Native American word having reference to the Sauk tribe who lived at the mouth of the river
Set Off: 1822
Organized: 1835
Population in 1990: 211,946

Material Available

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Saint Clair


Basic Information

County Seat: Port Huron
Origin of Name: General Arthur St. Clair, the first Governor of the Northwest Territory but a American modification of the original name Lake St. Clare, given in 1679 by the French explorer LaSalle for the Catholic saint
Set Off: 1820
Organized: 1821
Population in 1990: 145,607

Material Available

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Saint Joseph

Basic Information

County Seat: Centreville
Origin of Name: Named for Saint Joseph, the patron saint of New France
Set Off: 1829
Organized: 1829
Population in 1990: 58,913

Material Available

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Basic Information

County Seat: Sandusky
Origin of Name: Sanilac, a Native American chief
Set Off: 1822
Organized: 1848
Population in 1990: 39,928

Material Available

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Basic Information

County Seat: Manistique
Origin of Name: Henry R. Schoolcraft, Indian Agent and author
Set Off: 1843
Organized: 1871
Population in 1990: 8,302

Material Available

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Basic Information

County Seat: Corunna
Origin of Name: A Native American word meaning "river theat twists about," referring to a stretch of the Shiawassee River
Set off: 1822
Organized: 1837
Population in 1990: 69,770

Material Available

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Basic Information

County Seat: Caro
Origin of Name: A Native American word of unknown meaning
Set Off: 1840
Organized: 1850
Population in 1990: 55,498

Material Available

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Van Buren

Basic Information

County Seat: Paw Paw
Origin of Name: Named for the Hon. Martin Van Buren, then Secretary of State and later President of the United States
Set Off: 1829, attached to Cass County
Organized: 1837
Population in 1990: 70,060

Material Available

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Basic Information

County Seat: Ann Arbor
Origin of Name: The original word was "wash-ten-ong" meaning at or on the river
Set Off: 1822, attached to Wayne County
Organized: 1826, reorganized in 1829
Population in 1990: 282,937

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Basic Information

County Seat: Detroit
Origin of Name: Named for General Anthony Wayne
Set Off: 1796
Organized: 1815
Population in 1990: 2,111,687

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Basic Information

County Seat: Cadillac
Origin of Name: County Wexford, Ireland
Set Off: 1840 as Kautawebet County. Renamed Wexford in 1843
Organized: 1869
Population in 1990: 26,360

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