Buildings on CMU Campus

Old Main, ca. 1906
For 125 years, the buildings of Central Michigan University have served the needs of students, faculty, and staff. Some were built as brick and mortar embodiments of the University's ambitions. Others were constructed quickly and inexpensively to meet immediate needs and concerns. Many buildings became, and continue to be, closely associated with the experiences of alumni and current students alike. Whether paneled in fine wood or constructed of inexpensive pine, whether rumored to be haunted by a ghost or storied because of a back door propped open for students who missed curfew to sneak in, the buildings of CMU tell the University's story in a unique way.

This page includes histories of most of the buildings currently on campus as well as many that no longer exist but remain in memory. Also included is biographical information about individuals for whom buildings have been named.

These histories were compiled from several files found within the Clarke Historical Library. Two published sources, Donald Kilborn and Lee Polley's How Sweet is Your Suite? A History of Housing at Central Michigan University (1982) and John Cumming's The First Hundred Years: A Portrait of Central Michigan University, 1892-1992 (1993), also proved particularly useful.

Graduate students Michael W. Phillips Jr. and Robert M. Hendershot researched and wrote the initial information found on these pages. Dale Moler substantially updated the information. Questions or comments regarding the site should be directed to