Beaver Island Census Records - E

Early, Michel
1860 Census Mackinaw
Age Born Occ.
Early, Michel 43 Ire. Farmer
Early, Mary 29 At Sea
Early, John 13 N.H.
Early, Mary Jane 11 Mich.
Early, Bridget 9 Mich.
Early, Catherine 7 Mich.
Early, Celia 5 Mich.
Early, Peter 2 Mich.

Early, Hugh
1870 Census Peaine Township
Age Born Occ. P. Prop
Early, Hugh 58 Ire. Laborer $125
Early, Bridget 38 Ire. H. Keeper Can't R or W
(Maiden name-O'Donnell)
Early, Annie 15 Can. Can't W
(Married James Gallagher in '74, died a widow, March 13, '03)
Early, John 13 Can. Can't W
Early, Ellen 10 Can. Can't R or W
(Married William Gallagher)
Early, Hugh 7 Can.
Early, Francis 6 Mich.
Early, Mary 4 Mich.
Early, Grace 1 Mich.

1880 Census Peaine Township
Age B FB MB Occ.
Early, Hugh Head 66 Ire. Ire. Ire. Farmer Can't R or W
Early, Bridget Wife 50 Ire. Ire. Ire. H. Keeper Can't R or W
Early, John S 23 Can. Ire. Ire. Laborer
Early, Frank S 16 Can. Ire. Ire. Laborer Can't W
Early, Mary D 14 Mich. Ire. Ire. H. Keeper Can't R or W
Early, Gracie D 12 Mich. Ire. Ire. School
Early, Michael S 9 Mich. Ire. Ire. School

The John who married Margaret was born 1839, not 1857 and was born in Ireland not Canada. He would have been a cousin of Hugh.

Early, John
1870 Census Peaine Township
Age Born Occ.
Early, John 30 Ire. Laborer
Early, Margaret 30 Ire. H. Keeper (Maiden name-Sharkey)
Early, Patrick (Birth record March 17, '73, parents are John Early and Margaret Sharkey, farmer, married Mary Ro Father.)

I feel this is Margaret Early, the death date agrees with her stone.

Death Records
Margaret Sharkey, married, age 70, died on April 6, '10 in Peaine Township of bladder trouble, born Ireland, parents are John Sharkey and Mary O'Donnell (charl)
Margaret Early, age 79 (church records)