Beaver Island Census Records - J

Jensen, Henry
1910 Census
Jensen, Henry

Jenkins, Joseph
1850 Census Cable's Bay
Age Born Occ.
Jenkins, Joseph 44 Mass. Cooper
Jenkins, Harriet 30 N.Y.
Jenkins, Charles 3 Ohio

Jensen, James
1910 Census
Age M/S B FB MB Emg. Occ.
Jensen, James Head 38 S Den. Den. Den. 1887 Car Loader
(He is listed as "head" of what is a lumber camp, probably camp five)
Lynch, Thomas 49 S Ire. Ire. Ire. 1881 Teamster
Carnowachi, Joseph 29 S Rus. Rus. Rus. 1901 Woodchopper
Maddison, George 69 S Den. Den. Den. 1873 Woodchopper
Boyle, Michael 40 S Mich. Ire. Ire. Sawyer
Goodman, Daniel 29 S N.Y. N.Y. USA Teamster
Lane, John 43 S Mich. Can. Can. Sawyer
Rosenson, Charles 32 S Mich. Ger. Ger. Sawyer
McIntyre, William 67 WD Scot. Scot. Scot. 1867 Woodchopper
Greenway, William 40 M Mich. Ire. Ire. Teamster
Fitzgibbons, William 30 S N.Y. N.Y. N.Y. Car Loader
Irish, Joe 65 WD N.Y. N.Y. Mass. Woodchopper
(Illegible), Joe 71 S (Illegible) 1888 Woodchopper
Eggert, Ernest 50 S Mich. Ger. Ger. Woddchopper
Rose, William 32 S Ger. Ger. Ger. 1880 Sawyer
Crowly, John 65 WD Ire. Ire. Ire. 1847 Barn Boss
Gerabock, Joseph 21 S Rus. Rus. Rus. 1907

1900 Census St. James Township
Age M/S Yrs M Mother of B FB MB Yr
Jensen, Matt Head 39 M 7 Den. Den. Den. 1882
Jensen, Nicolene Wife 35 M 7 0-0 Den. Den. Den. 1892
Yrs Occ. Mo Unemp R W E
Jensen, Matt 17 Fisherman 0 y y y
(Owns H + F)
Jensen, Nicolene 7 y y y

From reports in the Grand Rapids Herald, July 2, 1922 and April 29, 1923
"In both the above mentioned articles are particulars about Mad Jensen and his wife, the only white residents in the island (Garden) who have seemed permanent. They have been there for 40 years."

This makes 1884 for the year of arrival
1910 Census St. James Township
Age Yrs M B FB MB Emg. Occ.
Jensen, Madze Head 49 16 Den. Den. Den. 1883 Fish. Gill
Jensen, Lena Wife 45 16 Den. Den. Den. 1893
Nelson, Christen F-in-law 70 WD Den. Den. Den. 1907
Nelson, Peter B-in-law 38 S Den. Den. Den. 1892 Fish-Pound

1900 Census St. James Township (Evidently Garden Island)
Age M/S Yrs M Mother of B FB MB Yr
Jensen, Peter Head 27 M 7 Den. Den. Den. 1888
Jensen, Julia Wife 26 M 7 3-2 Mich. Mich. Mich.
Jensen, Allen S 5 S Mich. Mich. Mich.
Jensen, Bertha D 1 S Mich. Mich. Mich.
Wachter, Elsie Niece 14 S Mich. Mich. Mich.
Yrs Occ. Mo Unemp. R W E
Jensen, Peter 17 Fisherman 0 y y y
(Owns H + F)
Jensen, Julia y y y
Jensen, Allen
Jensen, Bertha
Wachter, Elsie

Evidently, Julia Wachter, probably the daughter of James Wachter, see his card. She must have met Peter in this country and unlike his brother Matt and brother-in-law Larsen, he didn't send back to Denmark for a wife

Jensen is a mistake, this is Peter Johnson married to Julia Wachter, see church card

Johnson, John
1880 Census Galilee Township
Age B FB MB Occ.
Johnson, John Head 28 Can. Can. Can. Laborer
Johnson, Hannah Wife 24 Ire. Ire. Ire. H. Keeper
(Maiden name-Paganog)
Johnson, Peter S 9/12 Mich. Can. Ire.
(Birth record August 3, '79, father "farmer"


This is the "Captain" Johnson, Hannah is Hannah Paganog

Death Records
Protar's Diary: "Johnson died 8 PM after operation!!! July 21, 1903"
John Johnson, married, age 53, died July 2, '1903 in Peaine Township, cause-brain affected, sailor, parents Cornelius and Sissol Johnson, born Canada
Hannah Johnson, widow, age 70-3-4 died is St. James Township, September 12, '34 of "semlity", born Ireland, parents Patrick Boyle and Nellie Boyle, both born Ireland

1900 Census St. James Township
Age M/S Yrs M Mother of B FB MB Yr
Johnson, John Head 49 M 21 N.Y. Can. Can.
Johnson, Hannah Wife 55 M 21 6-6 Ire. Ire. Ire. 1868
Johnson, Peter S 20 S Mich. N.Y. Ire.
Johnson, Hannah D 17 S Mich. N.Y. Ire.
Johnson, Mary D 14 S Mich. N.Y. Ire.
Johnson, Cornelius S 15 S Mich. N.Y. Ire.
Johnson, Alice D 13 Mich. N.Y. Ire.
Yrs Occ. Mo Unemp R W E
Johnson, John Capt. (Marine) 5 y y y
(Owns H)
Johnson, Hannah 31 y y y
(Maiden Name-Paganog (Boyle))
Johnson, Peter Sailor 5 y y y
Johnson, Hannah y y y
Johnson, Mary y y y
Johnson, Cornelius y y y
Johnson, Alice y y y

1900 Census St. James Township
Age Yrs M B FB MB Emg. Occ.
Johnson, Hannah Head 52 WD Ire. Ire. Ire. 1872 Farmer
Johnson, Peter S 29 S Mich. Can. Ire. Farm Laborer
Johnson, Elizabeth D 27 S Mich. Can. Ire Dress Maker
Johnson, Mary D 24 S Mich. Can. Ire. Cook (Private Family)

Johnson, Franklin
1850 Census (North)
Age Born Occ. R.Est.
Johnson, Franklin 44 VA Merchant $350
Johnson, Rspeah (?) 37 N.J. (Rebecca?)
Johnson, Phoebe 15 N.J.
("Alexander Wentworth married a daughter of Frank Johnson "K of St. J. pg 168, also C. of Sea pg 183)
Johnson, George 8 N.J.
Johnson, Joseph 5/12 MO
(Must be Mich, it could be MO. They could have been in a Mormon Colony there, like the McCullock, see below)
Johnson, Elizabeth 14 Ger.

In the same house but a separate household

Age Born Occ.
McCullock, Hezekiah 38 MD Merchant
McCullock, Sarah Ann 32 MO
McCullock, Duncan 6 MO
McCullock, Josiah 5 MO
Chase, Moses 64 N.H. Merchant

A. Wentworth, who married Phebe above, according to Sarah McKinley, "joined the Hundred Day men along with McCullock, they were both killed"

Johnson and McCullock were partners, it was less than a year since Johnson came, probably didn't have own house yet

Johnson, Walter
1860 Census
Age Born Occ.
Johnson, Walter 44 N.Y. Carpenter
Johnson, Caroline 37 VT
Johnson, Elizabeth 11 Mich.
Johnson, Walter 3 Mich.

Could this be one of the Mormon Johnson's that stayed on? Probably not, Franklin Johnson was ten years older than this and born in VA, not N.Y.

1900 Census St. James Township
Age M/S Yrs M Mother of B FB MB
Johnston, William Head 41 M 14 Wisc. Scot. N.Y.
Johnston, Mysta (?) Wife 33 M 14 2-2 Ill. ME Eng.
Johnston, Marston S 10 S Ill. Wisc. Ill.
Johnston, Clarissa D ? S Ill. Wisc. Ill.
Occ. R W E House
Johnston, William Bookeeper y y y Rents H
Johnston, Mysta y y y
Johnston, Marston School y y y
Johnston, Clarissa School y y y

Probably the bookkeeper in the company store

1900 Census Peaine Township Trail Rd
Age M/S B FB MB Yr Yrs Occ.
Emg. U.S.
Kane, Michael Head 65 S Ire. Ire. Ire. 1863 16 Farmer
R W E House
Kane, Michael y n y Owns Farm

Was he in Canada between 1863 and 1874?

November 22, '1875, there is a birth registered "Mary Kane, parents Michael Kane and Anna Bonner, birth place of Michael unknown, of Anna Ireland"
Is this an illegitimate child? I was told he was a bachelor

This is Val McDonough's wife's brother, he must have inherited the farm when they both died