Beaver Island Census Records - O Page 3

O'Brien, Peter
(Son of Edward)
1870 Census
Age Born Occ. P.Prop
O'Brien, Peter 24 N.Y. Cooper $150
O'Brien, Adelia 26 Mich. H. Keeper
O'Brien, Alice 2 Mich.
(Is this Belle who married Jack (Willie) Gibson? She is the right age? Willie was born October 18, 1881)
O'Brien, Nelson 1 Mich.

O'Neill, John

1880 Census St. James Township
Age B FB MB Occ.
O'Neill, John Head 30 Ire. Ire. Ire. Fisherman
O'Neill, Maretta Wife 26 Wisc. Ire. Wisc. H. Keeper
O'Neill, John S 5 Mich. Mich. Mich.
O'Neill, Catherine D 3 Wisc. Mich. Mich.

O'Neill, Patrick

1880 Census St. James Township
Age B FB MB Occ.
O'Neill, Patrick Head 27 Mich. Ire. Ire. Fisherman
O'Neill, Sarah Wife 23 Wisc. N.Y. Ire. H. Keeper
O'Neill, Myrtle D 2 Wisc. Ire. Ire.
O'Neill, Robert S 9/12 Mich. Ire. Ire.

Ostenburg, Adolphus

1880 Census Peaine Township
Age B FB MB Occ.
Ostenburg, Adolphus Head 40 Swe. Swe. Swe. Fisherman
Ostenburg, Celia Wife 28 Ire. Ire. Ire. H. Keeper Can't R or W
(The birth record for Annie shows her to be married to "John Bonner" (Celia))
Ostenburg, Peter S 2 Mich. Swe. Ire.
(Birth record August 7, '77)
Ostenburg, Michael S 1 Mich. Swe. Ire.
Boner, Maggie Step D 8 Mich. Ire. Ire.
Boner, Annie Step D 6 Mich. Ire. Ire.
(Birth record August 11, ''74, father John Bonner, mother Ciclia Gallagher)
Boner, Patrick Step S 13 Mich. Ire. Ire. Laborer Can't R or W
Gallgher, Margaret M-in-law 64 Ire. Ire. Ire. Can't R or W (Blind)
(In 1870 she is living with her husband Patrick Gallagher and says she is 63, 53 fits better with her children's ages, 63 fits her death record, died Margaret Gallagher (Maviad) born Arranmore, age 80, May 5, '88)
Gallagher, Michael B-in-law 25 Ire. ire. Ire. (Crippled or disabled)
Lived behind Round Lake, next to Cornelius
I can't find a Margaret Gallagher the right age or a Boner-that fits. The only possibility is that John and Mary Boner could have had a son that didn't get listed in 1860

Ostrander, Walter

1850 Census
Age Born Occ.
Ostrander, Walter 38 VT Farmer
Ostrander, Alzina 28 N.Y.