Beaver Island Census Records - T

Tripp, William H.
1850 Census
Age Born Occ.
Tripp, William H. 24 Can. Farmer
Tripp, Deborah 23 N.Y.
Tripp, David 2/12 Wisc. (Voree?)

Trip, Charles
1850 Census
Age Born Occ.
Trip, Charles 60 N.Y. Farmer
Trip, Rebecca 44 Can.
Trip, Salomon 17 Can.
Trip, Nathan 15 Can.
Trip, Martha A. 13 Can.
Trip, Hannah 10 Can.
Trip, Margaret 8 Can.
Trip, James J. 2 mo. Wisc. (Voree)
Demaree, Charles ? Can. Fisherman

Trombley, Andrew
1870 Census
Age Born Occ. P.Prop.
Tromley, Andrew 26 Mich. Fisherman $1200 City
Tromley, Margaret 21 Ohio H. Keeper (Daughter of John Corlette)
Tromley, Mary 1 Mich.
Gallagher, Cornelius 19 Ire. Laboer

1840 Census
John Tomble is listed as head of a household of 2-
Males Females
50-60 years 1 30-4 years 1

He was engaged in Manufacture and trade

Is this Andrew's father? Andrew was born in Michigan in '44

Tucker, Royal
1800 Census
Age Born Occ.
Tucker, Royal 39 VT Cabinet
Tucker, Catherine 39 VT
Tucker, Sarah M 14 VT
Tucker, George 3/12 Mich.

Strang- An and Mod Mack pg 55, Owner of joiner's tools confiscated by Sheriff Granger