Indian Family History Collection

Because of its strong collection of Native American material, the Clarke Library has long served as an important resource for individuals of Native American ancestry seeking to discover their family history. These resources, however, have often been difficult to use. Many are federal records that are found on microfilm. Others are documents that lack a formal title and over time have accrued several "common" names, leading to considerable confusion when they are requested. By bringing these resources online in a searchable format we hope to solve some of these problems and make the documents easier for researchers to explore.

Although the library makes these resources available for the convenience of researchers, the accuracy of the transcriptions made available through this page is not guaranteed. We particularly encourage individuals using this material for any legal purpose to always consult the original source material rather than relying on the transcription.

Finally, the library staff expresses our thanks to Mr. Chad Avery who created the electronic files from which the information shared here was taken.