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Native American Bibliography

The Clarke Library has the most complete collection in the state regarding Michigan's first people. Within the Clarke, a wealth of secondary studies are complemented by the work of Native American authors as well as very complete sets of microfilmed records from the federal government. There is also an extensive body of material created by religious missionaries and a large number of volumes printed in Ojibway.

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Children's Literature

The Clarke Historical Library's extensive collection of children's literature contains many works by or about Native Americans.

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Indian Family History

Modern transcriptions of documents focus on the Native American residents of Michigan.‚Äč

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Pioneer and Historical Collections

The Michigan Pioneer and Historical Collections is a 40-volume collection of documents and primary sources relating to the history of Michigan. This section contains an annotated bibliography of material pertaining to Native Americans within this resource.

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Isabella County Indian Reservation

This history of the Isabella Indian reservation was written by Hudson Keenan, a local historian.

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Native American Treaty Rights

This website explores the treaties that affect the people, Indian and Euro-American, who live in Michigan, and offers six case studies to explain how treaties signed between 1795 and 1864 had relevance in the past and continue to have importance today. It contains the full text of the treaties along with case studies.

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Anishinabe Art

The artistic traditions of the Anishinabe, the Native peoples of Michigan, and the surrounding region reach back in prehistory and embrace a multitude of materials. Art continues to be an important aspect of the contemporary life of these communities. The Olga Denison Collection of Anishinabe art largely represents the contemporary expression of many traditional native crafts.