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Types of Aid for Graduate Students

With options from federal financial aid to scholarships and other awards, we're here to help make your degree affordable. After all, time and money are valuable. And so is a graduate degree from CMU. 

Federal financial aid

Most of our graduate students qualify for some form of financial aid. A great place to start is by filing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

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With more than 25 graduate student scholarships, we're all about rewarding hard work. Many are endowments created by individuals, organizations, and corporations to support students just like you in their efforts to achieve advanced degrees.

View scholarships below or reach us at or 989-774-3674

Graduate assistant (GA) position

Graduate assistant positions are employment-related appointments in teaching, research, and/or administrative service. You'll earn extra money while also adding to your résumé! Your responsibilities may vary depending on the department’s needs and the experience and your qualifications.

A full-time GA requires approximately 20 hours of work per week (including the summer semester); a half-time GA requires about 10 hours weekly.

Earnings from a GA position are not counted as financial aid for purposes of qualifying for Guaranteed Student Loans. However, graduate assistant earnings are considered employment resources to apply against the need for other financial aid programs. If you're interested in a GA position, contact your program's departments for assistantship availability, application requirements, and application deadlines.

Learn more about GA positions

Merit and other awards

If you're from out-of-state, Ontario, Canada, or have a parent or grandparent who earned their degree from CMU, you may qualify for our merit and other awards.


On-campus employment

 Work where you study. As a graduate student, there are multiple types of on-campus employment. 

Learn more about On-Campus Employment