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Cost and Financial Aid for Transfer Students

Time and money are valuable. So is a degree from CMU.

That's why we invest in your education. Each year, we award financial assistance to 91% of our students.

As a transfer student, you’re eligible for up to $13,500 over three years in scholarships designed specifically for you.

Estimated CMU costs

When estimating the expenses you may incur during the course of a school year, consider the expenses you pay directly to CMU (tuition, for example), and those you do not (such as personal or travel expenses). Keep in mind your actual cost is likely to be lower due to course load, housing and food selection, scholarships, and financial aid.

Direct costs billed by CMU

Tuition (based on lower-level rate)$13,740
Food & Housing$12,150
Student Services Fee$450
Total Direct Costs*$26,340

*Based on 30 credits per year at the 2023-2024 lower-level tuition rate. Rates may change.

Tuition: CMU charges tuition based on credit hours. All U.S. residents pay in-state tuition. Lower-level tuition is $458 per credit hour for students with less than 56 credit hours. Upper-level tuition is $498 per credit hour for those with 56 credit hours or more. Students with fewer than 12 credits per semester are considered part-time and may receive less CMU, federal, and state aid.

Other anticipated expenses

Indirect costs are also part of college. These costs, such as books, supplies, and transportation, will vary depending on your personal needs and decisions.

Net Price Calculator

Plug in a few numbers to get an estimate of your true cost to attend CMU.


Scholarships, grants and loans

From federal grants and loans to merit scholarships and housing grants, we customize your financial aid to meet your needs.


How to apply for financial aid

It’s easy to apply, and we’re here to help.

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Assess your eligibility

Learn more about the criteria you need to meet to receive financial aid at CMU.

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