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Student Service Fee and what it funds

We have seen a rise in the number of students seeking out support services such as counseling, advising, career development, success coaching and mental health support.

In 2018, the Board of Trustees approved a student service fee of $225 per semester to invest more heavily in these areas critical to student success.

Here’s a look at how the student service fee supports you.

Student Service Fee breakdown

Academic advising and technology – 63%

Academic advising – 25%

Helps fund the addition of seven new academic advisors, with more to be phased in over time, which allows for more individualized advising plans. It also allows us to improve advising technology for the development of more proactive advising and increased check-ins with students.

College and faculty support – 20%

Academic programs are managed by CMU’s academic colleges. Our faculty are instrumental to your success and are more than teachers — they also are your mentors. This funding provides support and flexibility in student-focused programming.

Technology updates – 18%

Provides the review and implementation of new programming and updating of systems designed to help you stay on track for graduation. This includes the development of new scheduling technology allowing you to sign up for a full year of classes instead of by semester.

Counseling and student support – 26%

Enrollment and student services – 10%

This funding allows us to preserve and fund vital services from a variety of support programs including the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid, Multicultural Academic Student Services, Office of LGBTQ Services, Native American Programs, the Veterans Resource Center and the Online Allies program for online students.

Student service staffing – 6%

Establishes funding for support positions previously only temporarily funded. This includes staff in career services, student activities and involvement, student conduct and enrollment personnel.

Success coaching – 5%

Establishes funding for college success coaches to help you with skills critical to succeed in college: time management, budgeting, setting goals and developing good study habits.

Counseling center – 3%

This funding allows for three additional licensed counselors and another staff position to enhance support for you. This eliminates waiting lists for counseling appointments.

Graduation and convocation ceremonies – 1%

Graduation and convocation are important milestones in your journey. This funding allows us to host eight commencement ceremonies each year with on-site security, medical staff, interpreters and additional staffing and costs.

Sports medicine and athletic training – 1%

This funding allows us to add two additional athletic trainers to care for the health and recovery of our student-athletes.

Diversity and Inclusion – 7%

Diversity, equity and inclusion – 4.5%

This allows us to advance transformational efforts in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion for the entire campus community. This includes more than 60 new initiatives on campus including Conversations that Matter and Intergroup Dialogue.

Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity – 2.5%

The fee allows us to add three new positions, including two additional Title IX investigators, to the Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity.

Campus safety – 4%

Additional officers and technology – 4%

Our CMU Police Department and its officers play a large role in the university’s care team. This funding allows for two new officers and additional security technology to our campus buildings and residence halls.