At Central Michigan University we are committed to making college affordable. 

CMU has had the lowest cumulative tuition increase among Michigan's 15 public institutions over the past 10 years. More than eight out of 10 CMU students receive financial assistance of some kind, and we have increased our scholarships and financial aid 87 percent since 2010.

Below you'll find more information regarding tuition and room and board, plus ways to help make college more affordable.

If you are transferring to CMU with fewer than 56 credits, your 2020-2021 tuition rate will be $417 per credit hour. If you enter with 56 or more credits, your tuition rate is $434 per credit hour. Both rates reflect no increase over last year's tuition.

​Tuition for incoming students

Lower level (fewer than 56 credit hours)

 Per Credit HourPer Semester*
Per Year
All U.S. Residents$417$6,255$12,510

Upper level (56 credit hours or more)

 Per Credit HourPer Semester*
Per Year
All U.S. Residents$434$6,510$13,020

*Based on 15 credits per semester

Cost of attendance

​ Tuition
​ $12,510
 Room and board 
 Books and supplies 
​ $1,000
​ Travel and misc 
​ $2,080
 Student Service Fee 
​ $450
​ Estimated total (all U.S. residents) 

**Based on a standard room and unlimited meal plan. Other options are available. First-and second-year students are required to live in a residence hall or in Northwest Apartments. Exceptions may be requested. For a list of qualifying exceptions, visit

Get help paying for college. Find out how to manage your costs and why you should file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.