​Financing your education at Central Michigan University is an investment in your future.

We understand the cost of pursuing a master's, specialist or doctoral degree may be overwhelming. CMU values your drive and determination to achieve your educational goals. That's why we encourage all students to explore the many tuition awards, scholarships, graduate assistantships, grants and on-campus employment opportunities available.

Tuition Awards

Residents of Michigan are given in-state tuition rates. Additionally, any admitted student from outside the state of Michigan might receive resident tuition rates if the student qualifies for a Graduate Tuition Award. CMU provides three Graduate Tuition Awards, and each is awarded to qualified students upon approval of request.

Neighboring Regions Award

Out-of-State Tuition Award

Legacy Tuition Award


More than 25 specialized scholarships and awards are available for graduate students. Many are endowments created by individuals, organizations and corporations to support CMU students in their efforts to achieve advanced degrees.

A full list can be found in the Graduate Student Bulletin. For more information, contact CMU’s Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Would you like to see how CMU invests your tuition dollars?

Central Michigan University works hard to keep high-quality education as affordable as possible.

Through frugal spending, and smart investiment in student education and an enhanced learning environment, CMU students have been given the lowest cumulative tuition increase of all public universities in Michigan from 2009-2017.

Click here to see how Central Michigan University spreads out the investment of tuition dollars into faculty, facilities, sholarships, and student support services.