Women's History

The Clarke Historical Library's holdings of material, published and unpublished, for the study of women and their roles in society are varied. In the library's collections are the accounts of teachers, authors, activists, politicians, missionaries, and homemakers. A variety of women have left records of their lives and these bibliographies should make this rich resource more easily available to researchers.

Additional materials are always being added to the library's collections. As they are added they are put on the online catalog. The online catalog should be consulted for information about new materials.

This page includes lists of autobiographies and biographies. Please see our Group Biography page for additional information.

Biography and Autobiography

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V, W & Y



Adams, Abigail 1744-1818.
Adams, Abigail. The Adams Family in Auteuil 1784-1785, as told in the letters of Abigail Adams.Boston, MA: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1956. 31 p.

  • Wife of President John Adams.

Aidan, Mary 1914-1952.
McFell, John L. Trust Betrayed: The Murder of Sister Mary Aidan. Cape Town: Nasionale Boeckhandel, 1963. 153 p.

  • Missionary in South Africa.
Aiken, Lizzie 1817-1906.
Anderson, Mary. The Story of Aunt Lizzie Aiken. Chicago, IL: Jansen, McClurg, 1880. 226 p.


  • Illinois pioneer, Civil War nurse, Missionary in Chicago.

Ainse, Sally.
Hamil, Fred C. Sally Ainse, Fur Trader. Detroit, MI: The Algonquin Club, 1939. 27 p.

Anderson, Julie B.
Anderson, Julie B. I Married a Logger; Life in Michigan's Tall Timber. NY: Exposition Press, 1951. 328 p.

Anderson, Louise.
Anderson, Louise. After the Sun has Set: Memories of 1898. NY: Vantage Press, 1987. 111p.

  • Year in the life of a 7 year old girl on a farm in Wisconsin in 1898.

Armstrong, Elsie Strawn 1789-1871.
Armstrong, James E. Life of a Woman Pioneer, as Illustrated in the Life of Elsie Strawn Armstrong 1789-1871. Chicago, IL: [J.F.Higgins, 1931.] 127 p.

  • Illinois pioneer. Autobiography compiled from a rhymes she composed.



Baba, of Karo 1877-1951.
Baba of Karo, A Woman of the Muslin Hausa. New Haven, CN: Yale University Press, 1981. 299 p.

  • The Hausa are of South Africa.

Baldwin, Alice Blackwood ca. 1845-1930.
Baldwin, Alice B. An Army Wife on the Frontier: The Memoirs of Alice Blackwood Baldwin, 1867-1877. Salt Lake City, UT: University of Utah Library, 1975. 118 p.

Baldwin, Julie.
Baldwin, Julie. Never a Dull Moment: The Record of Two Long Lives. Grand Rapids, MI: J. Baldwin, 1979. 225 p.
Baldwin, Julie. There is Life in the Old Girl Yet. Grand Rapids, MI: J. Baldwin, 1981. 163 p.

  • Life in Michigan and the world travels of the Baldwins.

Baldwin, Martha 1840-1913.
Pastor, Joni F. Woman's Work: The Story of Martha Baldwin. Birmingham, MI: Baldwin Public Library, 1976. 161 p.

  • Teacher and activist of the Birmingham, Michigan area.

Ballard, Florence
Wilson, Randall. Forever Faithful: A Study of Florence Ballard and the Supremes. San Francisco, CA: Renaissance Sound, 1987. 75 p.

  • Popular musician.

Ballou, Fannie Lillian 1886-1921.
Ballou, Lillian E. The Story of Fannie Lillian Ballou, Written by her Mother. [Battle Creek, MI:Gage Printing Co., 1922] 148 p.

  • Kalamazoo teacher.

Barton, Clara 1821-1912.
Barton, William. The Life of Clara Barton, Founder of the American Red Cross. Boston, MA:Houghton-Mifflin, 1922. 2 vols.

Bighead, Kate
Marquis, Thomas B. She Watched Custer's Last Battle (Kate Bighead, Cheyenne Indian). Hardin, MT: Custer Battle Museum, 1933. 8 p.

Blaker, Eliza 1854-1926.
Thornbrough, Emma L. Eliza A. Blaker, Her Life and Work. Indianapolis, IN: Eliza A. BlakerClub, 1956. 94 p.

  • Kindergarten work and teacher training in Indiana.

Blanchard, Paula L.
Blanchard, Paula L. 'Till Politics do us Part: A Political Wife's Declaration of Independence. Franklin, MI: Altwerger & Mandel, 1990. 237 p.

  • Wife of James Blanchard, Governor of Michigan.

Bloomer, Amelia 1818-1894.
Bloomer, Dexter. Life and Writing of Amelia Bloomer. Boston, MA: Arena Publishing Co., 1895. 387 p.

  • Pioneer in the Woman's Movement.

Boening, Mary L.
Boening, Mary L. Memories and Thoughts of Yesterday. Rodney, MI: BGL Publishing Co., 1984. 64 p.

  • Stories from her life.

Bosworth, Joanna
Papers of Joanna Shipman Bosworth, Being the Diary of a Carriage Trip Made in 1834 by Charles Shipman and His Daughters, Joanna and Betsey, from Athens, Ohio to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, and a Family History. [Privately published by Henry Dawes, 1914]. 44 p.

Bohannan, Laura.
Bohannan, Laura. Return to Laughter. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1964. 297 p. West Africa.

Branch, Mabel M.
Branch, Mabel M. My Book: An Autobiography. N.P., 1952. 287 p.

  • Otisville, Michigan childhood and teaching career.

Branson, Ann 1808-1891.
Branson, Ann. Journey of Ann Branson, a Minister of the Gospel in the Society of Friends. Philadelphia, PA: W.H. Pile's Sons, 1892. 408 p.

Brewster, Mildred 1900-
Brewster, Mildred. Red Leaves . NY: Pageant Press, 1959. 105 p.

  • Life at the turn of the century.

Brooks, Gwendolyn 1917-
Brooks, Gwendolyn. Report From Part One. Detroit, MI: Broadside Press, 1972. 215p.

  • Autobiographical. Afro-American Poet.

Brown, Harriet C. 1827-1927.
Brown, Harriet C. Grandmother Brown's First Hundred Years, 1827-1927. Boston: Little, Brown, 1929. 369 p.

  • "An epic of American life and later days in the Middle West."

Brownson, Josephine 1880-1942.
Romig, Walter. Josephine Van Dyke Brownson. Detroit, MI: Gabriel Richard Press, 1955. 150 p.

  • Founder of the Catholic Instruction League, Detroit, Michigan.

Burger, Louisa M.
Burger, Louisa M. Swing That Pail: One-Room School Days. Point Reyes Station, CA: Floating Island Pubs., 1992. 67 p.

Burlend, Rebecca 1793-
Burlend, Rebecca. A True Picture of Emigration: Or, Fourteen Years in the Interior of North America; Being a Full and Impartial Account of the Various Difficulties and Ultimate Success of an English Family who Emigrated from Barwick-in-Elmet, near Leeds, in the Year 1831. London: G. Berger, [1848]. Reprint edition: Chicago, IL: Lakeside Press, 1936.

  • Settlers in Pike County, Illinois.

Burnett, Patricia Hill 1920-
Burnett, Patricia Hill. True Colors: An Artist's Journey From Beauty Queen to Feminist. Troy:Momentum Books, 1995. 188 p.

Burt, Elizabeth 1839-
Mattes, Merrill J. Indians, Infants, and Infantry: Andrew and Elizabeth Burt on the Frontier. Denver, CO: Old West Pub. Co., 1960. 304 p.

  • Primarily for the years 1866-1876.



Calamity Jane 1852-1903.
Clairmonte, Glenn. Calamity was the Name for Jane. Denver, CO: Sage Books, 1959. 215 p.
Jennewein, John L. Calamity Jane of the Western Trails. Huron, SD: Dakota Books, 1953. 47 p.
Numey, Nolie. Calamity Jane, 1852-1903: A History of her Life and Adventures in the West. Denver, CO: Range Press, 1950. 146 p.
Sollid, Roberta. Calamity Jane:A Study in Historical Criticism. Helena, MT:Western, 1958. 147 p

Carrington, Margaret 1831-1870.
Carrington, Margaret. Ab-sa-ra-ka, Home of the Crows: Being the Experience of an Officer's Wife on Plains... Philadelphia, PA: J.B. Lippincott, 1868. 284 p.
Carrington, Margaret. Ab-sa-ra-ka, Land of Massacre. Philadelphia, PA: J.B. Lippincott, 1878. 383 p.

  • Set in northern Wyoming and southern Montana.

Carroll, Anna E. 1815-1894.
Greenbie, Sydney. Anna Ella Carroll and Abraham Lincoln, a Biography. Manchester, ME: University of Tampa Press, 1952. 539 p.
Noble, Hollister. Woman with a Sword: The Biographical Novel of Anna Ella Carroll of Maryland. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1952. 395 p.

Cary, Alice 1820-1871.
Cary, Phoebe 1824-1871. Cary, Alice. Clovernook: or, Recollections of our Neighborhood in the West. Clinton Hall, NY: Redfield, 1852. 342 p.
Cary, Alice. The Poetical Works of Alice and Phoebe Cary: With a Memorial of Their Lives by Mary Clemmer. NY: Hurd and Houghton, 1877. 435 p.

  • Writers of Ohio.

Catherwood, Mary H. 1847-1902.
Wilson, Milton. Biography of Mary Hartwell Catherwood. Newark, OH: American Tribune Printing, 1904. 89 p.

  • Catherwood was an Author.

Chambers, Charlotte - 1821.
Garrard, Lewis. Memoir of Charlotte Chambers. Philadelphia, PA: 1856. 135 p.

  • "Letters written by Charlotte Chambers, while she lived near Cincinnati from 1797 to 1821."

Chandler, Elizabeth 1807-1834.
Chandler, Elizabeth. The Poetical Works of Elizabeth Margaret Chandler; With a Memoir of her Life and Character. Philadelphia, PA: L. Howell, 1836. 180 p.

  • Abolitionist.

Chapman, Alida. 1890?-1976
Chapman, Alida. Looking Back. Delhi Township, MI: Bicentennial Commission, 1976. 353 p.

  • Compilation of articles about Ingham County, Michigan.

Chase, Deiadamia. 1802-
Whitney, L. M. Hammond. Trials and Triumphs of an Orphan Girl, or, The Biography of Mrs.Deiadamia Chase, Physician and Phrenologist. Courtland, NY: Van Slyck & Hitchcock, 1859. 230 p.

Christian, Sarah B.
Christian, Sarah B. Winter on Isle Royale. (A Narrative of the Life on Isle Royale during the years 1874 and 1875.) n.p. 1932. 44 p.

Clemans, Sarah Isabella 1840-1885.
Clemans, Sarah Isabella. Flowers From the Pathway of a Consecrated Life; or, The Writings of Mrs. Sarah Isabella Clemans. Columbus, OH: W. G. Hubbard, 1886. 296p.

  • Religious poetry, essays, and letters.

Clemenc, Ana K. 1888-1956
Burns, Virginia Law. Tall Annie. Bach, MI: Enterprise Press, 1987. 108 p.

  • Leader of the Copper Miners' Strike, 1913-1914.

Clemens, Jane 1803-1890.
Varble, Rachel. Jane Clemens: The Story of Mark Twain's Mother. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1964. 374 p.

Clements, Grace N.
Clements, Grace N. I Heard School Bells, Oil Wells and Children's Laughter. Winona, MN: Apollo Books, 1984. 83 p.
Clements, Grace N. North Fork Days. Chicago, IL: Adams Press, 1976. 58 p.

  • Teacher.

Clotilda, Mother Mary 1841-1914.
Xaveria, M., Sister. Mother Mary Clotilda and Early Companions: of the Sisters, Servants of Immaculate Heart of Mary. NY: P. J. Kennedy, 1928. 268 p.

Coon, Auntie 1829-.
Coon, Arvilla Damon. Life and Labors of Auntie Coon. Atlanta, MI: Repairer office, 1905. 301 p.

  • Evangelist.

Corning, Nina B.
Corning, Nina B. Notes from Nina: A Family History from Nina's Original Manuscript. Flint, MI: B.A. Corning, 1985. 56 p.

  • Wexford County, Michigan.

Cotton, Phebe E.
Cotton, Phebe E. Phebe in Wonderland: An Account of Life as it was Growing Up in Lupton, Michigan. 1911-1929. n.p., 1983. 77 p.

Crowell, Leonora A. 1859-1932.
Crowell, Leonora A. Leonora A. Crowell Letters, 1882-1885. Iron Mountain, MI: Mid-PeninsulaLibrary Federation, 1976. 68 p.

  • Iron County, Michigan.

Cunningham, Mary 1951 - .
Cunningham, Mary. Powerplay:What Really Happened at Bendix. NY: Linden Press, 1984. 286 p.

  • Business woman.

Cushman, Pauline. 1833-1893
Sarmiento, Ferdinand. Life of Pauline Cushman. The Celebrated Union Spy and Scout comprising her early history; her entry into the Secret Service of the Army of the Cumberland, and Exciting Adventures with the Rebel Chieftans and others while within the Enemies Lines; Together with her Capture and Sentence to Death by General Bragg and Final Rescue by the Union Army under General Rosecrans. The Whole Carefully Prepared from her Notes and Memoranda. Philadelphia, PA: J.H. Potter, 1865. 374 p.

Custer, Elizabeth Bacon. 1842-1933
Custer, Elizabeth Bacon. "Boots and Saddles."; or, Life in Dakota with General Custer. NY:Harper and Brothers, 1885. 312 p.
Custer, Elizabeth Bacon. The Civil War Memories of Elizabeth Bacon Custer: Reconstructed from her Diaries and Notes. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 1994. 181 p.
Custer, Elizabeth Bacon. Following the Guidon. NY: Harper & Brothers, 1890. 341 p.
Custer, Elizabeth Bacon. Tenting on the Plains; Or General Custer in Kansas and Texas. NY: C.L. Webster, 1887. 202 p.
Custer, George A. and Elizabeth B. The Custer Story: The Life and Intimate Letters of General George A. and his wife Elizabeth . NY: Devin-Adair, 1950. 339 p.
Frost, Lawrence A. General Custer's Libbie. Seattle, WA: Superior Publishing Company, 1976. 336 p.
Leckie, Shirley. Elizabeth Bacon Custer and the Making of a Myth. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1993. 419 p.





Dalrymple, Hattie Church.
Dalrymple, Hattie Church. A Backward Look: Reminiscences of Fostoria, Michigan. N.p., 1967. 24 p.

Day, Elizabeth 1806-1891.
Trowbridge, Mary E. Pioneer Days. The Life Story of Gershom and Elizabeth Day. Philadelphia, PA: American Baptist Publication Society, 1895. 160 p.

  • Baptist Minister and his wife who came to Michigan in 1836 and worked in Niles and Sturgis.

Day, Mary L. 1836-
Arms, Mary L. Incidents in the Life of a Blind Girl. Mary L. Day, a Graduate of the Maryland Institution for the Blind. Baltimore, MD: J. Young, 1859. 206 p.

De Boer, Robby 1957- . De Boer, Robby. Losing Jessica. NY: Doubleday, 1994. 288 p.

  • Adoptive parents in Michigan who had to return the child to her birth mother.

De Bra, Sarah B. 1864-1957
De Bra, Sarah B. Sweet Memories of "Old Indianie" in 1870: Personal Experience and Memories of the Author, written circa 1840. Indianapolis, IN: Indiana Historical Society, 1979. 140 p.

Dietz, Nettie F.
Dietz, Nettie F. A White Woman In a Black Man's Country, Three Thousand Miles Up the Nile to Rejaf. Omaha, NE: Privately Printed, 1926 [c. 1914]. 327 p.

  • Egypt.

Dinesen, Isak. 1885-1962
Dinesen, Isak. Out of Africa. NY: Random House, 1938. 389 p. Dinesen, Isak. Shadows on the Grass. NY: Random House, 1960. 149 p.

  • Autobiographical accounts of life on a coffee plantation in Kenya.

Dravenstatt, Lizzie A. 1855-1928
Dravenstatt, Lizzie A. Seasons for Growing: The Diaries of Lizzie A. Dravenstatt, 1870-1928. Burton, MI: P.S. Brown, 1992. 2 vols.

  • Portland, Michigan.

Dubois, Silvia.
Larison, Cornelius W. Sylvia Dubois, (Now 116 Years Old): A Biografy of the Slav Who Whipt her Mistres and Gand her Fredom. Ringoes, NJ: C.W. Larison, 1883. 124 p.

  • Slavery in New Jersey and Spelling Reform.

Durham, Louisa E. 1979?-1841
Durham, Louisa E. Lady Durham's Journal, Canada. Quebec: Telegraph Printing Co., 1915. 61 p.

  • April to December 1838 at a time when her husband was Governor-General of Canada.

Dwight, Margaret. 1790-1834
Dwight, Margaret. A Journey to Ohio in 1810, as Recorded in the Journal of Margaret Van Horn Dwight. New Haven, CN: Yale University Press, 1913. 64 p.



Eddy, Mary Baker. 1821-1910
Sellers, Charles Wesley. The Private Life of Mary Baker Eddy, Champion of a Mirage. Detroit, MI: Privately Printed, 1935. 56 p.

  • Founder of Christian Science.

Edmonds, Sarah Emma Evelyn. 1841-1898
Dannett, Sylvia G. She Rode With the Generals: The True and Incredible Story of Sarah Emma Seelye, Alias Franklin Thompson. NY: T. Nelson, 1960. 326 p.
Edmonds, S. Emma E. Nurse and Spy in the Union Army: Comprising the Adventures and Experiences of a Woman in Hospitals, Camps, and Battle Fields. Hartford, CN: W.S. Williams, 1865. 384 p.
Edmonds, S. Emma E. Nurse and Spy: Thrilling Story of adventures of a Woman Who Served as a Union Soldier. Washington, DC: National Tribune, 1900. 179 p.
Stevens, Bryna. Frank Trompson: Her Civil War Story. NY: Macmillan, 1992. 144 p.

  • She enlisted in the Civil War as a man.

Eldridge, Elleanor. 1785-?
Eldridge, Elleanor. Memoirs of Elleanor. Providence, RI: B.T. Albro, 1842. 128 p.

  • African-American before the Civil War.

Ellsworth, Dorothea Jorgensen. Ellsworth, Dorothea J. Dreams Do Come True. Stanton, MI: Dorothea Ellsworth, 1989. 286 p.
Ellsworth, Dorothea J. Give Me My Dreams. Stanton, MI: Dorothea Ellsworth, 1988. 344 p.
Ellsworth, Dorothea J. The Long Awaited Dream. Stanton, MI: Dorothea Ellsworth, 1991. 325 p.
Ellsworth, Dorothea J. No Time To Dream. Stanton, MI: Dorothea Ellsworth, 1987. 201 p.
Ellsworth, Dorothea J. This Dream is Real. Stanton, MI: Dorothea Ellsworth, 1990. 349 p.

  • From childhood to teaching to housewife in the Belding, Big Rapids, Entrican area of Michigan.

Ernest, Catherine.
Davis, Marion M. Catherine Ernest in Old Detroit. Asheville, NC: Inland Press, 1954. 28 p.

  • Detroit in 1797 to 1812.,



Farnham, Eliza W. 1815-1864.
Farnham, Eliza W. Life in Prairie Land. NY: Harper & Brothers, 1846. 408 p.

  • Pioneer in Illinois.

Ferraro, Geraldine
Breslin, Rosemary. Gerry! A Woman Making History. NY: Pinnacle Books, 1984. 162 p.
Katz, Lee Michael. My Name is Geraldine Ferraro: An Unauthorized Biography. NY: New American Library, 1984. 224 p.

  • Candidate for Vice President of the United States in 1984. Member of the United States House of Representatives.

Fiegler, Mother Mary Aquinata. 1849-1915

Kildee, Sister Mary Philomena. Memoirs of Mother Mary Aquinata Fiegler, O.P., First Mother General of the Dominican Sisters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Congregation of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. Grand Rapids, MI: The James Bayne Company, 1928. 128p.

Fisher, Harriet White.
Fisher, Harriet White. A Woman's World Tour in a Motor. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Co., 1911. 360 p.

Fisher, Mary. 1948-
Fisher, Mary. My Name is Mary: A Memoir. NY: Scribner, 1996. 288 p.

  • HIV Positive woman.

Flandrau, Grace C.
Flandrau, Grace C. Then I Saw the Congo. NY: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1929. 308 p.

  • A trip along the Equator from the West Coast to the Indian Ocean.

Florey, Virginia.
Florey, Virginia. All The Way Home. [United States: S.n.], 1984. 114 p.
Florey, Virginia. Boundaries of Eden. n.p. 1980. 43 p.
Florey, Virginia. "An Indescribable Joy." [Midland, MI: Virginia Florey Landress], 1976. 54 p.

  • Midland, Michigan memoirs.

Ford, Betty. 1918-
Ford, Betty. Betty, A Glad Awakening. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1987. 217p.
Ford, Betty. The Times of My Life. NY: Harper & Row, 1978. 305 p.

  • Wife of U.S. President Gerald Ford and an alcoholic.

Ford, Mrs. Henry.
Clancy, Louise B. The Believer; The Life Story of Mrs. Henry Ford. NY: Coward -McCann, 1960. 215 p.

Forth, Elizabeth. ?-1866
Swan, Isabella E. Lisette. Grosse Ile, MI: 1965. 83 p.

  • Born in slavery and achieved freedom. She left an endowment to build the St. James Church in Grosse Isle, MI.

Freeman, Julia (Wheelock). 1833-?
Freeman, Julia. The Boys in White: The Experience of a Hospital Agent In and Around Washington. NY: Lange & Hillman, 1870. 274 p.

  • She worked as an agent of the Michigan Soldiers' Relief Association during the Civil War.

Frink, Margaret A.
Frink, Margaret A. Journal of the Adventures of a Party of California Gold-Seekers Under the Guidance of Mr. Ledyard Frink, During a Journey Across the Plains from Martinsville, Indiana, to Sacremto, California from March 30, 1850, to September 7, 1850. From the Original Diary of the Trip Kept by Mrs. Margaret Frink. Oakland, CA: [1897]. 121 p.

  • From the original diary of the trip kept by Mrs. Frink of Ohio.


G,H & J


Gardner, Abigail. 1843-1921
Lee, L.P. History of the Spirit Lake Massacre: 8th March 1857: And of Miss Abigail Gardiner's Tree Month's Captivity Among the Indians, According to Her Own Account. New Britain, CT: L.P. Lee, 1857. 47 p.
Gardner-Sharp, Abbie. History of the Spirit Lake Massacre and Captivity of Miss Abbie Gardner. Des Moines, IA: Iowa Printing Co., 1885. 316 p.

Gentry, Winalee.
Gentry, Winalee. One More River to Cross. Philadelphia, PA: Westminster Press, [1955]. 237 p.
Gentry, Winalee. Wait, Gabriel, Wait. [Waterville, OH: Products Corp., 1974]. 225 p.

  • "The amazing story of a senior citizen who proved life could be fun and kept saying..."

Girard, Hazel.
Girard, Hazel. Blow for Batten's Crossing: A Backwoods Odyssey. Sterling Heights, MI: Glendon, 1979. 191 p.

  • Alcona County, MI.

Goddard, Katharine Russel 1904-1987.
Goddard, Katharine R. Remembering My Life. Ann Arbor, MI: K.R. Goddard, [1988]. 188 p.

  • Oral history of Detroit woman's life.

Grant, Anne MacVicar 1755-1838.
Grant, Anne MacVicar. Memories of an American Lady: With Sketches of Manners and Scenery in America, as They Existed Previous to the Revolution. NY: S. Campbell, 1809. 344 p.

Greenaway, Kate. 1846-1901
Engen, Rodney. Kate Greenaway, a Biography. NY: Schocken Books, 1981. 240 p.

  • Illustrator of children's book.,

Griffiths, Martha. 1912-
George, Emily. Martha W. Griffiths. Washington, DC: University Press of America, 1982. 295 p.

  • Michigan politician. Member of the United States House of Representatives.



Hackley, Emma Azalia. 1867-1922
Davenport, M. Marguerite. Azalia, The Life of Madame E. Azalia Hackley. Boston, MA: Chapman & Grimes, 1947. 196 p.

  • African-American teacher in Detroit.,

Hammond, Natalie Harris. ?-1931
Hammond, Natalie Harris. A Woman's Part in a Revolution. NY: Longmans, Green & Co., 1897. 144 p.

  • Jameson Raid in South Africa.

Hanks, Nancy. 1784-1818
Hubbard, Elbert. Abe Lincoln and Nancy Hanks being one of Elbert Hubbard's Famous Little Journeys to which is added for full measure a tribute to the mother of Lincoln. East Aurora, NY: The Roycrofters, 1920. 60 p.

Harbison, Massy. 1770-?
Harbison, Massy. A Narrative of the Sufferings of Massy Habison, From Indian Barbarity..... Pittsburgh, PA: Johnston & Stockton, 1829. 89 p.

  • Indian Wars 1750-1815.

Harrison, Anna. 1775-1869
Symmes, John C. The Intimate Letters of John Cleves Symmes and His Family, Including His Daughter, Mrs. William Henry Harrison, Wife of the Ninth President of the United States. Cincinnati, OH: Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, 1956. 174 p.

Harrison, Constance. 1843-1920
Harrison, Constance. Recollections Grave and Gay. NY: C. Scribner's Sons, 1911. 386 p.

  • Confederate woman's memoirs.


Haviland, Laura. 1808-1898
Danforth, Mildred. A Quaker Pioneer; Laura Haviland, Superintendent of the Underground. NY: Exposition Press, 1961. 259 p.
Haviland, Laura. A Woman's Life Work: Including Thirty Years Service on the Underground Railroad and In the War. Grand Rapids, MI: Shaw, 1881. 625 p.


  • A Quaker from Michigan. Laura Haviland was actively involved in the Underground Railroad.


Heibel, Mamie Dalton.
Heibel, Mamie Dalton. The Happy Book: My Life With my Children and Mike, Their Father. [Muskegon, MI: Fast Print Plus,] 1983. 74 p.
Heibel, Mamie Dalton. Still Waters, or, When the Leaves Turn. n.p., 1982. 109 p.


  • Presque Isle, MI autobiography.

Henshaw, Beatrice Schmitt. 1911-
Henshaw, Beatrice Schmitt. Backward, Turn Backward: Recollections of a Childhood in Northern Michigan. Ann Arbor, MI: Historical Society of Michigan, 1986. 306 p.

  • Petoskey, Michigan memoirs.

Higbee, Lucy Ann. ?-1853
Higbee, Lucy Ann. The Diary of Lucy Ann Higbee, 1837. Cheveland, OH: Privately Printed, 1924. 57 p.

  • A trip from New Jersey to Ohio in 1837.

Hoff, Grace Whitney. 1862-?
Patch, Carolyn. Grace Whitney Hoff: The Story of an Abundant Life. Cambridge, MA: Privately printed, [1933]. 223 p.

  • Philanthropist.

Hofma, Elizabeth.
Hendricks, Marjorie. The Hofmas: Edward and Elizabeth, 1859-1938. Grand Haven, MI: 1983, 37 p.

  • Physicians in Michigan.

Hollister, Emily Jane Green.
Hollister, Emily Jane Green. The Diary of Emily Jane Green Hollister: Her Nursing Experiences, 1888-1911. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan, 1991. 93 p.

Holte, Ingeborg.
Holte, Ingeborg. Ingeborg's Isle Royale. Grand Marais, MN: Women's Times, 1984. 97 p.

Hooe, Fannie. 1827-1882
Frimodig, David. The Fanny Hooe Story: The Passing of a Legend. Copper Harbor, MI: Fort Wilkins Natural History Association, [198-]. 17 p.

Horn, Lucy W.
Horn, Lucy W. Hearth and Home in Ethiopia. London: Sudan Interior Mission, 1960. 92 p.

  • Missionary.

Howe, Frankie.
Gross, Stuart D. Frankie and the Barons. Fowlerville, MI: Wilderness Adventure Books, 1991.181 p.

  • Saginaw County, MI in the lumbering era.

Howlett, Carrie.
Howlett, Carrie. Roses in the Snow. n.p., 1989. 129 p.

  • Ontonagon County, MI.

Hubbs, Rebecca. 1772-1852
Hubbs, Rebecca. A Memoir of Rebecca Hubbs, a Minister of The Gospel in the Society of Friends, Late at Woodstown, N.J. Philadelphia, PA: [1852]. 114 p.

Huxley, Elspeth Joscelin Grant. 1907-
Huxley, Elspeth. Four Guineas: A Journal Through West Africa. London: Reprint Socity, 1955. 320 p.
Huxley, Elspeth. The Mottled Lizard. London: Chatto & Windus, 1962. 335 p.
Huxley, Elspeth. With Forks and Hope. NY: W. Morrow, 1964. 398 p.

  • Eastern Africa and Kenya travels and memoirs.




Jackson, Rebecca. 1795-1871
Jackson, Rebecca. Gifts of Power: The Writings of Rebecca Jackson, Black Visionary, Shaker Eldress. Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press, 1981. 348 p.

Jacobs-Bond, Carrie. 1862-1946
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  • Albion, MI. Daughter of the founders of Albion. She later became the first woman admitted to the University of Michigan.

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  • Kalamazoo teacher, clubwoman, journalist.

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  • Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin and many other books.

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  • Journalist before and during the Civil War.



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  • Popular musician.

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  • Trip around the world.

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  • Grand Rapids, MI.

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  • Evangelist.

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  • Born in Washington, DC, moved to Detroit in 1836 with her parents, lived in Washington, DC with her husband in 1861-1862.

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  • East Africa.

Truth, Sojourner. ?-1883

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  • Former slave, abolitionist, active in woman's movement.

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  • Former slave, underground railroad conductor, abolitionist.

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  • Harbor Beach, MI.


V,W & Y


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  • Presque Isle, MI.



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  • Life in New Orleans and New York. (Micro Books)

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  • Ward was the sister of Eber Ward of Detroit, an early Michigan entrepeneur.

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  • Missionary.
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  • First American woman to found a religious society. Founded a community on Seneca Lake, NY.

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  • Indian capativity in Massachusetts.

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  • CMU Alum. Wife, mother, homemaker, newspaper columnist and speech therapist.

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  • Presidential Candidate biography.

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  • Mt. Pleasant, MI's first teacher.



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