>> 85% of CMU students receive some form of financial assistance

>> $50+ million in scholarships awarded annually

We offer merit-based and competitive scholarships based on a variety of factors including academic success, community engagement, multicultural awareness, and more. U.S. citizens and permanent residents graduating high school in 2021 and entering college that fall as freshmen are eligible for the following awards. (Award values are subject to the availability of funds.)

Fall 2021 Merit-based scholarships

Our Maroon and Gold Merit Recognition Scholarship program supports incoming freshmen with financial assistance based on their high school academics. These scholarships cover anywhere from 20–75 percent of tuition (30 new CMU credits per academic year) for up to four years. The value of these scholarships increases as your tuition increases for higher-level courses. 

Incoming freshmen who have applied to CMU are automatically considered for these awards. No other application is required. Apply by December 1 to receive priority consideration. You will always receive the highest award for which you qualify.

Merit awards based on GPA and test score

Scholarship matrix.png

Merit awards based on GPA only

We understand you may not have a test score because of cancellations due to COVID-19. We have test-optional merit awards, too:

Percent of tuitionHSGPAAnnual amount4-year total

Renewal Requirements

All students must live on campus for two years. In your first year, as long as you're enrolled full-time (12 credits fall/spring), and you earn 30 credit hours over the academic year (summer included), you'll keep your merit scholarship for your second year.

In order to renew your scholarship for year three, you must have a 3.0 GPA and have earned 60 new CMU credits.

Competitive awards for freshmen

Each competitive award has its own application process and criteria. In addition to the scholarships below, be sure to research scholarships provided by CMU academic departments. Scholarship details for 2021 are currently under review and could change from 2020 awards.

All scholarship amounts are subject to change based on the availability of funds.