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Start your application

​You have browsed through and​, and maybe even visited campus, and you have discovered Central Michigan University offers major university opportunities in a small-university atmosphere.  Welcome to Central!

If you are ready to begin your application, we can walk you step by step through the process. It all starts here at

You will find a complete checklist linked at the right but here are a few important notes to keep in mind.

When should I apply?

Central Michigan University typically receives more applications than all but two of the state’s public universities – 19,000 applications per year for a freshmen class of approximately 3,500. Prospective freshmen are encouraged to apply as soon as their junior year in high school is complete. Priority consideration for admission and first-come, first-served scholarship funds is given to applications received by November 15.

What goes into an admissions decision?

Each application is carefully reviewed on its own merit using a holistic approach. The admission process takes into account the following: academic achievement in the most demanding subjects, ACT or SAT scores, caliber of high school program, school official recommendations, exceptional talents, involvement beyond the classroom, leadership potential, record of good citizenship, overall academic achievement, pre-CMU course selections and trends in academic progress.

What is the average GPA of someone being admitted?

The incoming freshman class at CMU has an average high school grade point average of 3.3 and an average ACT score of 23. Some are admitted with higher scores and some have lower scores. Along with being good students, successful CMU students tend to be well rounded in activities, interests and involvement.

Is an essay required?

An admissions essay is not required but you may send a separate sheet of information that you wish to be considered. Some like to include extracurricular and leadership activities, employment, or explainations of special situations that impacted your academic record.

Can I print an application?

​Absolutely! Download the undergradate application (.pdf)​ or contact us to receive a copy in the mail. 

When will I hear an answer on my application?

​Applicants usually are notified of their admission status within four weeks of submitting a completed application.