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Future Honors Program Students

As a member of the Honors Program at CMU, you will actively participate in one of the top honors programs in the nation.

You will immerse yourself in a transformative college experience.

Our program has all the resources of a large research university and the personal touch of a small liberal arts college.

In joining our program,‚Äč you will be surrounded by caring faculty and staff who are committed to helping you reach your highest potential.

The Honors Program provides a comprehensive and immersive academic experience for bright, talented, and highly motivated students who seek to aim higher and achieve more meaningfully through unique educational opportunities and experiences.

Four core values guide our program:

  • Critical thought, scholarly inquiry, and creative expression.
  • Respect and appreciation for diverse peoples and ideas in a global society.
  • High standards for integrity and personal aspirations.
  • Active citizenship and service for the greater good.

The Honors Program offers unique special topics courses taught by top CMU faculty in a variety of settings from Mt. Pleasant’s campus to locations across the country and the globe. In their coursework, Honors students explore themes of global citizenship through study abroad opportunities, cultural diversity courses, and foreign language study. As early as their first semester at CMU, Honors students are strongly encouraged to engage in undergraduate research and creative endeavors with CMU faculty. Ultimately, each Honors student will complete a capstone project in their discipline in collaboration with a CMU faculty member, with an expectation that the results be published or presented in a professional forum. Honors students also embark on a path toward personal growth within a vibrant living learning community, find their service passions and use their talents to serve the greater good, and forge meaningful connections with others through social, educational, and cultural events.

If the Honors Program vision, mission, and core values align with your own goals, and if you share in the desire to fully engage in the life of the university, then we invite you to be part of our community of academic leaders, critical and creative thinkers, and agents of transformation.