CMU Film Society

Film Society Logo, a maroon and gold drawing of a film camera with the text Do you love film? Watching it, studying it, producing it. The CMU Film Society are students dedicated to the pursuits of film. They travel to the local cineplex and film festivals to watch films and use their own equipment to make films.

Students in the CMU Film Society help with the Central Michigan International Film Festival and produce content shown in the festival.

CMU Film Society Website

Film Society is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) and Media Arts co-curricular. We’re an independent, student-run, production group that creates our own original productions such as shorts, mini series, feature-length films and more. We also focus on the understanding and appreciation of films. Not only do we attend festivals and competitions, but we also participate in some as well, like the Central Michigan International Film Festival, helping us grow as filmmakers and to better understand the art of film. Anyone is welcome to join Film Society, not just Media Arts majors! Join and have fun watching and making movies with us!

Two students watch the digital screen on their camera to see how the shot looks in the film they are making.