The Chippewa Marching Band

In Fall 1923, Music Department Head J. Harold Powers enlisted sixrteen players and, with the assistance of Registrar and Dean of Men Charles C. Barnes as honorary Drum Major, formed a new Central Normal Band to lend spirit to Football Games. According to the Chippewa Yearbook that year:

The band helped immensely to add color to the games and to keep the spirit of the spectators, as well as the team, at a maximum. Let us hope that the band will continue to give added zest to the social and athletic endeavors of Central and that the bands of later years will continue to maintain the high standards set by the present organization of splendid musicians.

Into our second century

Looking forward to our 101st season, the Chippewa Marching Band has maintained a tradition of excellence and innovation, summarized in our motto, Concordia ad astra ("Together to the stars"). One of the most recognizable public faces of the University, the Band is an invaluable collection of musical ambassadors for CMU. On the field each year are students from every college of the University and who represent over 100 academic programs. Join us for an exciting anniversary year in 2023!

100th Season Program 2022 Season Schedule