College of the Arts and Media Student Organizations

Jump in and get a full college experience while participating in any number of academic, cultural, honorary, political, professional recreational and special interest groups/organizations.

    Photography Club is a community of photographers of all skill levels. Our main goal is to inspire photography and knowledge through fun photo activities and opportunities.

    Ceramics Society is an organization of artists interested and involved in the ceramic arts. Our main goal is to enhance awareness, knowledge and appreciation of ceramic arts.

    Printmaking Club is an organization that focuses on the techniques and opportunities of printmaking. Open to all skill levels and non-art majors.

    Design Hub is a team that meets weekly to advance our design abilities by creating an environment where students can learn from each other and form a friendly and professional community.

    National Art Education Association provides access to a community of diverse but like-minded individuals to maintain perspective and provide students with the best possible visual arts education.

    Alliance for Women in Media is a professional organization of women and men who work in the media and allied fields.

    Broadcast Education Association is involved in teaching and research related to radio, tv and electronic media education.

    Film Society is a place where you can learn, appreciate and create film.

    Communication Association is involved in community service, guest speakers, professional tours, and social events.

    Debate prepares for the approximately 20 tournaments they attend every year.

    Moore Hall Television allows students to learn all aspects of video production through various production and executive positions.

    Moore Media Records is a fully functional record label run by the students to produce professional-quality music.

    PRSSA students participate in national conferences, fundraising activities, agency tours and network with professionals.

    PR Central provides hands-on experience and professional development by delivering pr services to the community.

    Lambda Pi Etais the official undergraduate National Communication Honor Society of the National Communication Association.

    American Choral Directors Association is a nonprofit music-education organization whose expressed purposes outline the association's dedication to the advancement of choral music.

    American String Teachers Association promotes excellence in string and orchestra in contemporary America because playing and teaching string and orchestra music adds to your quality of life uniquely.

    National Association for Music Education helps to train, educate and support music educators so that they can obtain the highest level of professionalism possible within their vocation.

    Music Teachers National Association is committed to furthering the art of music through programs that encourage and support teaching, performance, composition and scholarly research.

    Delta Omicron serves the School of Music and the community by promoting musical events, raising money for scholarships, and coordinating programs for young music students.

    Kappa Kappa Psi is dedicated to the existence and welfare of each of the bands here at CMU.

    Phi Mu Alpha is a social, music-based fraternity organization founded to promote brotherhood among musicians and revolutionize the field of music.

    Sigma Alpha Iota promotes the role of music and the role of women in music worldwide.

    Alpha Psi Omega is a nationally recognized co-ed fraternity that strives to provide opportunities for students to get involved not only with CMU University Theatre but also with the university and Mount Pleasant area communities.